Friday, April 22, 2011

Happiness is... riding a bike!

We took the training wheels off and Swisch! Off she went. One of thse moments to cherish in life. Pure happiness for everyone. :D Happy Easter!


  1. Get some tyres on that van in the background because blink and suddenly before your very eyes Emmy will be old enough to drive - she'll need some wheels!! LOL!

    I am useless on a bike and this all stems from the fact that when I was younger I fell off my bike (I went over the handlebars) and skidded down the hill of which I was at the top of on my face. I had a huge stripe scab on my face for weeks. I never went back on a bike ever again. I don't expect that the saying you never forget how to ride a bike applies to me as I DO want to forget how to ride a bike - never, ever again for me!!

  2. well look at her so sweet and proud!
    happy easter for you and your family,
    love Maaike


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