Thursday, August 25, 2011

I do NOT like cutting!

I have to admit I am NOT a big fan of cutting. If there was such a thing as a cutting machine I would probably buy it.

First of all it is time consuming. And I don't really have a lot of time on my hands.

Second of all you need a good, easy accessed cutting space. And I don't really have a cutting area. I do it on the kitchen counter and by saying that you get it, right? A house with 3 crazy kids, cooking, snacking, doing dishes, messing about... The counter is seldom clear from clutter. And so it is not really a convenient place to cut my fabric on as I always have to clean up first, make sure no meal times are coming up within the next hour or two... Well, enough said about this. I am completely getting off focus here. Starting to sound like a whiner.

The good thing :D about cutting is that it is very satisfying once you get to it. The pieces are so pretty to stack up and you feel very good about yourself when you are done. The fabric transforms under the knife depending on size and shape you cut the big piece into. It can be magical.

I managed to squeeze in some cutting time the other day. I cut 5 inch squares. For a new quilt project. Actually this quilt is a custom ordered one. The client has asked for a blue and white color theme quilt for her boat. But NOT with a traditional sailing theme... Blue and white it will be. You'll have to wait and see what it will look like when I start piecing it. I personally LOOOOOVE blue and white and I really enjoy working on this quilt... I only have to figure out how to lay out my pieces and get started.



  1. ooooh i love those fabris patterns. I'm VERY new to quilting so i cheat and buy pre-cut packs from ebay sellers. Is that really bad???
    I've recently been introduced to an amazing road in London has loads of shops that sell fabric so I may brave cutting soon.

  2. Oooo I love cutting! We would make a great team!

  3. Those fabrics are lovely, Cant wait to see it finished.
    I'm new to quilting so i buy pre-cut patches from ebay sellers. Is that really bad???

  4. There is a cutting machine its made by accuquilt, you cant fail to have missed all the giveaways surely??

    From what I've heard it can be a bit wasteful with fabric!

    Love the blue and white, so fresh.

  5. Sshhhh! Don't tell. I'm not crazy about cutting either. But I agree, I love the tidy, colorful stacks of fabric. And you're not whining :)
    This quilt is going to be lovely! Your client will LOVE it!!
    Happy quilting!

  6. I don't like cutting either, until its done. I do however love the look of the squares all cut out & stacked just like your photo :) & i adore your fabrics, love blue & white. Am attemting an african flower blanket in blue & white & my kitchen is blue & white, great combo. Thats gonna be one gorgeous quilt :D
    Karen Xxxxxx

  7. Alla bláa nyanser är mina favoriter och gärna till vitt. Det kommer att bli en otroligt vacker filt.
    Jag máste skaffa mej "verktygen", vad dom nu kan heta, skärkniv, platta...???
    Jag blir sá sugen när jag ser allt du gör.
    Här är fortfarande sá vansinnigt varmt sá jag kan inte pyssla i längre stunder, garnet blir svettigt...jag blir svettig......
    Vi tar en liten tur till Sverige och svalkar oss, hälsar pá släkt och vänner och därefter ska väl temperaturen börja gá ner lite. Därefetr börjar skolan och dá fár jag lite mer "egentid".
    Plats har jag däremot, báde inne och ute.
    Ett av de bästa val vi gjort i livet, att flytta hit. Njuter av varje stund, har inte sovit sá gott pá 15 ár. Du som har bott pá Mallis vet väl hur mycket det láter i Spanien?
    Här hörs bara syrsor, grodor och tuppar.
    Jag har det sá bra att jag vill aldrig áka härifrán. Vill knappt áka och handla.
    Áter igen till pysslandet; läser en hel del av dina patchworks-favvo-bloggar och det är ju inte utan att det kliar i fingrarna.Och DU är ju min stora pyssel-favorit. Du gör det sá enkelt, och sá välarbetat vilket gör det sá snyggt, sá snyggt.
    Har börjat tänka mer i tyg än i garn. Kanske en ny trend för min del?
    Ser fram mot en pyssel-höst, báde din och min :)
    Och du

  8. I too have bought a pre cut pack from ebay and i am attempting to make my first quilt. I find it hard to get pretty fabric like what you use and plus it is very expensive in the shops near me.

  9. What lovely fabrics!

    My mother has been sewing for 75 years (she's 85) and she's always said that cutting fabric is the worst part of sewing. I don't think I know anyone who enjoys the cutting part of sewing.

  10. My cutting space is the kitchen bench too and apart from it being a great height the pro's end there. I completely understand the organisation cutting fabric takes, lol. I'm still not finished cutting for my quilt in progress. Oh I dream of a craft room all to myself, but alas with 3 kids like yourself I think it will be a long day before I have that. Maybe when the nest is empty lol.


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