Monday, September 26, 2011

Give Away at Sarah London's!!!

You just can't miss this opportunity. She is the one to be. The Granny Square Queen. The superstar of crochet stardom. Living in the world down under, she makes the most colorful, eye catching granny square creations, amongst all the other stuff that she makes.

She is generous and inspiring, encouraging and helpful. Always giving a helping hand with her hook and yarn to people in need.

If you haven't met Sarah London yet you have to visit her place. She has been one of my idols since I started my crochet journey a few years ago. She is just fabulous. And now I am running out of adjectives.

She wrote a book. Granny Square Love. And she is on book tour. Right now. And she is giving away a signed copy of her book. You just can't miss the opportunity, can you. Join the fun. I am of course hoping to be the happy winner. Sign up for the give away right here. Let the games begin...



  1. I love grannies a lot and this looks like a fabulous granny book. I go and check it out now. Have a lovely day!

  2. Dear Annette,
    thank you ever so much for your lovely comment and help!
    It's good to hear that your elbow has recovered. I will let you know, when I do a post about the daisy square cushion and link to your tutorial.
    As for the fire basket - we just borrowed it...but it is a very nice thing to have!
    Thanks again and have a nice day!

  3. Tack för tipset. Nu har jag lämnat en kommentar hos henne. Det passar alldeles utmärkt för just nu håller jag på för fullt och virkar rutor till en filt.


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