Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meet Frankie Boy!

He is absolutely nuts.
He is hyper.
He is everywhere.
He is fast like lightning.
He is impossible to photograph...
He climbs our walls.
He attacks my nightgown in the morning.
He bites on my toes.
He jumps me from the back when I am doing computer business.
He steps on the keyboard.
He jumps your leg when you walk by.
He is like a rock climber on our sofas.
He attacks Emmy's hair when she is twirling it.
He tumbles around in the curtains.
He sleeps sitting up - for 2 minutes only.
He slides our floor like a hockey player on ice.
You never know what to expect when you enter a room...
He cuddles up with Nelly at night.
He purrs like a lawn mover.
He miaus like a teeny tiny baby.
He curls up like a big fur ball to impress on Charlie.
He follows Charlie everywhere and Charlie doesn't really like it.
Charlie looks like a big lion compared to the little one.
They do get along, but aren't best buddies yet...
We laugh at him.
We talk to him.
We cuddle him.
We play with him.
We love him.
His name is Frankie. We call him Frankie Boy.



  1. Wow, he's such a cutie :))) I love cats! My Pantera isn't into that jumping-pouncing-stalking-chasing mood anymore, as she's a 14 year old girl... but she still purrs all the time and knows I'm her mommy--whenever I'm home she's keeping me company!

  2. Eek & squee! So adorable! :D Pics like these really make me miss my cats!

  3. Oh, how sweet! Frankie boy is so cute!

  4. Frankie boy is so cute!! I love the last pic!!Something for you in my blog!!

  5. Den sista bilden är ju precis hur mysig som helst! Nog är det action med en kattunge i huset alltid.

  6. he sounds fantastic!!!! Welcome Frankie boy!!!

  7. Hes really sweet , cats are very interesting i think and so play full, weve had our cat for 15 years and will definately get another one when he sadly leaves us x

  8. Awwww, is there anything cuter than a kitty tucked under the covers? Those little guys are maniacs but when they sleep they're SO sweet. Congrats on the new addition, he is adorable.

  9. Oh how sweet!
    I just love that last photo, what a darling!
    Welcome to Frankie boy, Im sure he is going to get spoilt rotten!
    Gill xx

  10. He is such a sweet cat.
    I love all your creations.


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