Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dear Sophie!

Hello Annette
My name is Sophie and I'm from Hungary. I didn't write you yet, even if I'm reading your blog since months. I'm not really that writing type. But I wanted to tell you, that your works inspired me sooo much, that I already made a few quilt blankets and I'm just about to learn how to crochet and make such a beautiful pillow cases, like the one with the daisy squares.
I always wanted to learn these things but I thought I still have time until I'll have my own children and make something for them. But you just gave me so much joy with your lovely pictures and posts that I felt I just want to create right now! and I'm still very excited about your new projects, I have already a lot in my head too! :)
So with all this I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU and don't be afraid of the market I'm sure that all your items will be sold in a rush! They are just fabulous!

You know sometimes when you are in doubt about blogging? When you ask yourself "Why do I do this?". When you don't have the energy to post because you are overwhelmed with finding the balance between every day life demands and your blogging passion? Because blogging is a time consuming business. It takes time to take that great photo that you proudly will post and share. It is not just snap and go. Writing a post takes effort and energy to get it right. Publishing a tutorial is tremendous work... And staying in touch can also be difficult at times. Responding, leaving trails, commenting, visiting... And so every now and then I receive a message like Sophie's and it makes me soooooo happy. All these comments and trails that you leave are the greatest feed back to say I matter in this world. This is why I do this. If my crafty journey can inspire someone to take her or his own step into her/his own crafty journey this is worth every minute, every dragging out styling supplies in the garden, all the thousands of photos filling my camera and computer just to choose a 1/10 of them to share with the world.

Thank you Sophie for writing these words. And what a perfect timing. I feel the love, I feel strong, I feel very very happy to have this little space in cyber world and to have all you wonderful crafty people around me. I might be a bit self centered for the moment but believe me, I have noticed that I now have 700 followers and I will catch up with you very soon. And Sophie from Hungary, email me your address - I would love to send you a little gift for your sweet words. You made my day.



  1. What a lovely message! I've been reading blogs for a long time now, long before I started my own. It sounds silly but they have helped me through some very difficult time, so don't underestimate the impact you may have on someone Annette! Ada :)

  2. Such a beautiful post! Sophie touched my heart too! It is, indeed, LOVELY to be able to touch the creative souls of others with our blogs. I have felt it in my small corner of the world and I only have a very few followers compared to you! It's a wonderful world in blog land. It was YOU that inspired me greatly when I first started this journey. From one Annette to another...thanks for sharing it all. xo, Annette (aka. Petunia Pill)

  3. Sophie is so lovely and she is right, you are an inspiration. I love blog friends, they are the very best.
    Good luck and thank you for sharing this lovely letter.

  4. It is lovely isn't it? It's wonderful when you get messages like that. When we blog we don't always know who's reading and what kind of impact our blogs have on them. So it's wonderful when readers engage with us this way!

  5. It's really nice when people who read your blog leave a friendly comment, isn't it? Lots of people look, but not everyone takes the time to actually write anything!
    Have a beautiful Sunday! Sandra

  6. Hello Annette,
    Another Hungarian reader.
    I pop in daily. Mostly for you but also for the blogs you follow.
    And I'm also inspired by your works many times!!!!
    Just go on like this. I definately keep on reading your posts.
    Greetings from the Hungarian Danube Bend:
    (mom to 4 who are about the same age than yours)

  7. Thats so nice, both that she wrote and that you got so happy. I to used your tutorial for the daisy squares to learn how to crochet this past summer, it worked like a charm and I now love to crochet, the two pillows aren`t done yet, who knew tying in the ends could be that boring. ;)


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