Sunday, December 2, 2012

And the winner is...

This is the winner's choice! Is it you?

Well, before we get to it let me tell you about my day.

I am crazy busy with baking, decorating, opening chocolate calendars, giving advent gifts, having coffée with my neighbor, selling buntings, looking at the beautiful snowflakes tumbling down from the sky making the ground all white and Christmassy, listening to my favorite Christmas songs, getting kids dressed properly for play in the snow, going sledding this afternoon, having hot chocolate with chantilly cream, vacuuming upstairs, folding laundry, watching The Grinch who stole Christmas with the kids when coming home from sledding, sewing pillows... Phew! Did I manage to do all this in one day? I am freakin' A M A Z I N G!!! When you line everything you do in a day like this it really makes you feel great! What did you do today? I am sure you all are A M A Z I N G too!!!

Another thing I have done today is closing my Christmas Pillow Give Away and draw a winner.
And the winner is:

Number 32

She says:
"Ooh fab, how did I miss this?
I love the eclectic snowflake as I need more red in
my new garden room and it's beautiful too!!
Congrats on being one of my favs xx"

It is
Clare at Selfsewn

Congratulations Clare! You have won the Eclectic Snowflake Christmas Pillow, a cute Scandinavian Christmas ornament and a 25% discount on any purchase you might want to do in my shop. Just contact me and let me know and I will make you a custom listing.

Clare is a huge inspiration to me with her fabulous hand pieced quilts, twitty posts, true artistry, her no spending challenge and generous sharing of her crafty knowledge. And please, everyone, go visit Clare at Selfsewn and indulge yourself in her beautiful creations. I am so happy to send this pillow to you together with a cute little Scandinavian ornament. Enjoy! ♥ ♥ ♥

Now I am off to the hills and the big snow. Happy 1st of advent everyone and thanks for making this Give Away a great game. Next time I will share something crafty.



  1. Parabéns para a vencedora! beijos às duas! chica

  2. congratulations to Clare!!!
    happy week, xxx Ale

  3. :-) Congrats to the winner!!! :-))

    What about my day? We have lovely lazy day :-) (without snow unfortunately)

    Have a leisurely Advent time :-) Jolana

  4. Annette I am so chuffed!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much, I've just got back from a shopping trip, and this has made my day all the better xx

    now how did you get on??

    ps. thanks for your sweet words, I feel special xx


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