Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Christmas gift tip

Emmy Bo and I are playing Katamini/Katamino. It is great fun. It is our favorite game. Sometimes I win. Sometimes she wins. Without me letting her win...  I am NOT a great looser... This game is for all ages in any combination. Mama meets 4 year old. Grandpa meets 10 year old. Papa meets Mama (can be rough depending on how competitive you are...) 8 year old meet 3 year old. You name it. It is great fun.

This is how you play:
You have a wooden board and number of different shapes in different colors,  a bunch of cards in different levels like easy, medium and hard. We choose easy. Collect your pieces that are shown on the card and say Ready Set Go! The game is to fill your space with the pieces. The one who is finished first wins and gets a point. Next round you add another piece to your collection and move your wooden bar up one step, Ready Set Go! It is great fun! Good exercise for the brain. You can also build pictures with the blocks on the table lying down or on the height. A great concentration game for boys with ants in their pants like my Luca Bo.

We have had this game for a good 5 years now and we never get bored. It is just a brilliant game that can be played for a life time. And it teaches your little ones about shapes, math, balance and fine motor skills. Just superb in my opinion. Find your Katamini/Katamino at Amazon USA or at Amazon UK.

I have wonderful memories of playing board games and card games as a child. Especially at my Dad's summer house where kids and adults always played games together. In those days, the 70's, we didn't have TV or computer games. No, we played Monopoly, Scrabble, Yatzy, Domino, Memory and a number of different card games. Every Christmas I always feel a strong need to pass on the joy of playing games together and I find it refreshing to give a new board game to my kids to force them to use their brains in a different, maybe slower paced way. Technique is good but it is everywhere and all the time it feels like...For this year I am thinking Rush Hour maybe or Monopoly for kids... Any other suggestions? Which are your favorite board games for the whole family?



  1. Our daughter is so small .. We now play at vacuuming, put the washing machine ... she loves to do these things ... But we also make castles and take them down. Everything is funny if you do it with her!
    I love lands of your family, your children, your creations ... Oh, Annette, you are a great woman and very hardworking! And you're a great mother, I am convinced it is true!

  2. Um belo presente,bem educativo! beijos,chica

  3. I've seen this before at Heleen's house. Her chidren played a lot with these blocks (adults too)!

  4. I remember playing monopoly with my sisters (we are 4!) for hours....My son Tobia has a "star Wars" edition!!
    I liked even "Pictionary", where there is a lot of drawing involved!!
    xxx Ale

  5. That game looks like fun! My 23 yr old still likes receiving games for Christmas (and not just video games either!)

  6. I am so going to look for this!

    We love Monopoly and Snakes & Ladders, and the boys also have rush hour. From my childhood I remember playing Rummy with my gran, nobody could beat her (still can't!) - I think it's time to teach my eldest as well .

  7. This is the kind of game I like!
    We have lots of boardgames, and my favorites are the ones from the brand 999games. Every single game I played from them is super. I have them in Dutch, and I'm not shure if they exist in other languages. If they do, you really should try one!
    Love, Liz.

  8. Oh what a lovely game, off to find it thank you for the links
    Bestest to you
    Daisy j

  9. Great game - looks really interesting! We have looots of games we like to play (family of addicted game players I think) so here is my list:
    Mexican train
    ...I think you will find all of them on the internet!
    Enjoy playing games and finding new favourites!

  10. We're big game players here, too! One of our faves is Cranium- gives everyone a chance to shine using different parts of the brain. We play Monopoly quite often these days, too. And Pictionary. Have fun!!

  11. Thanks for the great gift idea. I can't justify buying my kids one more thing for Christmas. I really shouldn't even allow myself on the computer because I keep finding things I want to get forthem. But I have added it to our wishlist and will definitely get it at a later time.

    My oldest is three so we haven't really gotten into board games yet. He does love puzzles. And I love to play trivial pursuit and scrabble though I rarely play these days.

  12. We have been looking for a new game to play. We do generally end up playing Jenga, but this looks fun, I'm off to see if I can find it, thanks!

  13. Looks fun!!! Your daughter is so sweet! xo Heather

  14. We have a great game here at home called Bananagram. It is kind of like Scrabble, except that you are making your own crossword, and not taking turns.
    If you have heard of the game Take Two, it is very like that.
    It can be played with up to about 6 or 7 people, and is definitely worth it, if the players are old enough.
    Even if your kids are quite young, they can still play with simple 3-letter words like 'can' or 'mud'. It is really a great game for the family


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