Monday, January 14, 2013

Blogging - a self-indulgent act?

Are we a bunch of insecure, attention seeking women with low self esteem craving for constant approval? Are we self centered and obsessed about showing off our creations, belongings, interior and beautiful styled pictures? A group of self-indulgent women??? Are we living in a fantasy world or are we trying to portrait that the life we live is perfect, like that stunningly styled photo we often publish with our text? Are we trying to be someone else? Are we escaping into Cyber World instead of living in the present real life?

Or are we just a hearty community of crafty ladies who unconditionally share, encourage and cheer on each other in our daily lives of dreaming, crafting, creating, moving, thinking, struggling and trying our best? Are we maybe a bunch of talented and driven girls who dare to have a passion, a hobby, a creative outlet that brings balance into our hectic lives instead of letting life overwhelm us with chores, obligations, nurturing and caring? Are we the people who actually see the beauty in every small detail and just love to share this with like minded (or not like minded...) people world wide? Maybe this creative side of blog world is a replacement for real life sewing groups and coffee meetings with needle and thread in hand, but how many of us have a handful of creative friends close by? Isn't it fantastic to meet up in Cyber World Café if we can't meet up in our homes?

When I tell people I am a part time craft blogger many raise their eyebrows and question what I am doing. Something like this:
" Aha, blogging? Isn't that where a bunch of bored housewives show pictures of what they cook, bake and make because they don't have anything better to do?"
" Aha... you blog?... (Awkward silence appears...) Well, I got to go really. Nice meeting you."
Very seldom someone reacts like this:
" You have a blog? What do you write about? That is really interesting. So how does it work? Is it difficult? How long have you been blogging? Can I have a look at your blog? I would love to see it!"

I am not saying the latter doesn't happen, because it does, just not as often as the above examples...

I am surprised that people in general doesn't know that much about the impact the blog community have in today's society. Many people doesn't even know what blogging is all about. They don't know what a great source of information it is, being a part of the World Wide Web Library of knowledge that Cyber World is. And they don't seem to have any interest to find out what blogging is. It frustrates me.

Without my blog I would never have reached the point I am at today. I wouldn't have learned so much about crochet, sewing and quilting in such a short time as I have done. I have discovered so many hidden talents within myself that I didn't know I was capable of. With blogging you grow, not only within your interest but also as a human being. You start to see opportunities, take steps outside your comfort zone and for some of us it goes in the direction of fulfilling a creative dream. It could be anything from making handmade gifts to all friends and family or attending crafts shows, start craft lessons for kids, starting an ETSY shop or making a business from what we love the most. All with help from cheering on from others in this blog community.

Blogging is not only about sharing what you make and do, how you live or indulging in pretty photos. Think about how much we all have learned about the technical side of blogging. Adding posts, editing pictures, making photo collages, adding buttons, making banners, adding links, opening Facebook pages, connecting, searching the Internet and finding answers. It took me 4 bloody hours to add a Facebook box in my right margin. But I did it. I figured it out. Stubborn as hell I did not give up until I figured it out. I spent another 3 hours trying to figure out how to automatically add my blog posts to my Facebook page and decided to ask a blog friend for advice and "Ping!", got an answer in no time which told me exactly how to do it (BTW it is not possible to have automatic blog updates on FB, you have to do it manually...). Problem solved. It is amazing! Blogger, graphic designer, photographer and webmaster all in one!!! Yay!

And maybe My Rose Valley started out with a nervous Annette with wobbly knees 3 years ago, not having a clue of what to make out of it. Maybe I was a shy girl then with a lack of self confidence who stood in a corner hiding and fearing to enter the conversations, a little bit like on the first day of school. But look at me now! I have grown with my crafts and blogging. I have found a group of like minded people to hang out with. I feel stronger. I've discovered strengths in myself I didn't know I had. I believe in myself more. Because of all the positive response. Like any child, any adult, any person... When we hear something good from someone we feel good. We build self esteem and belief. Blogging is like affirmations about all the good in life. And sure, maybe we only show what is pretty, but who wants to see my dirty laundry? Honestly... Unless it is colorful and inspiring of course. :D... Giggle.... Well, you get it right? I just wish the rest of the world could see that Blogger is a title to be proud of, just as a title like Author, Doctor or Marketing Director can be.

In my opinion we are not a bunch of insecure, attention seeking women with low self esteem craving for constant approval. No, for me we are all strong and incredibly talented women with a huge love for what we do and the best thing of all - we share! It is all about sharing, not showing, sharing is completely different. You may "only" be my Cyber Friends but you are also some of the most generous friends I have and you totally get it when I oooohhhh and aaahhhh over a piece of fabric or a ball of yarn. That is great!



  1. Concordo. Em cada um de nossos blog´s mostramos "uma parte" do "melhor da nossa vida". Se é só isso a nossa vida? Não. Mas é a parte que nós queremos mostrar. Se somos inseguras e procuramos aprovação através de comentários dos nossos leitores? Talvez.
    Quando comecei a fazer crochet tinha vergonha de fazer em público, que gozassem comigo... mas ao mostrar as minhas criações a desconhecidos, estes podiam ser realmente sinceros na sua apreciação. Se isso me deu confiança para continuar? Claro que sim, e a gora já sou eu que digo que se quiserem ver tudo o que já fiz, que passem pelo blog.
    O blog e a net não é a minha vida, mas já ocupou um lugar importante nela.
    Um Beijo

    1. Thank you Maria,
      You are making a point here. Cyber World is one part of life. Real World another. It is about finding a balance for sure. We all have different goals with our blogs just like we tend to read different blogs depending on our personal interests. Thank you for your input.

  2. Craft blogs are the source of inspiration for me. They are the source of acceptance - not always those around you acknowledge what you do and would "oooohhhh and aaahhhh" as one expects. But you can post your creation and it will be appreciated by those like-minded. Or it will be criticized but in a way that will not hurt you.
    Also I noticed that crafters are very kind and generous people and I like to "be" among such people in blogland.
    Yes, and as you mentioned, it is also knowledge, tutorials etc.
    Blogging made me more brave, communicative and ... happy.

  3. Great post! I personally am very happy with myself, not insecure at all, I like myself!
    I love blogging, I love the inspiration and creativity we share!
    I've learnt so much already, people are so good at offering help and advice (thanks for your crochet advice by the way, putting it into action!).
    This is all very 'real' to me, I've 'met' so many interesting people, just wish they all lived next door!!! :) x

  4. You wrote this at a good time for me. I recently started my blog and was thinking mine is pretty sad so I had been considering stopping again (which is what I always do) but I think I will continue. I really do it so I can feel like I have more of connection with other bloggers. I have a few friends that I get to see in person who enjoy crafts but it is not enough. And they don't have the enthusiasm (some may call obsession) that I have with with crafts and all the details of home life.
    I haven't shared with many people that I have a blog just because I think they won't understand. I am so glad you have a blog. What you make and write is very inspirational.

    1. Hi Christine
      Thank you dear. We laugh about our obsession for the craft here in blog land. You make yourself at home, grab a coffee and sit down with your needle and thread. No one will raise their eyebrows at your interest for technical detail or funny sewing debating. Here we all love just talking about it. Keep going.

  5. Hear hear sister! Amen to that.

  6. Hi Annette, I agree that blogging about one's passions can in fact, especially as crafts are concerned, replace the wonderful craft and coffee gatherings that some countries seem to enjoy so much. If they existed here, I would go out of my way to join them! I love joining up with like-minded people!
    I adore looking through all my favourite craft blogs regularly and am thrilled when generous tutorials are included to allow me to better my crochet skills. My other passion is photography and my blog is mainly based on this, so I like to join online groups with other photographers.
    I think that blogging definitely has a place in this day and age and I am thrilled to be part of it!
    I certainly don't consider myself a 'bored housewife'! I am not bored and being a housewife is not my profession! I am not married to my house (apartment)! LOL! In fact I work part-time, craft part-time and photograph part-time... the other quarter of my life is doing all of the necessary stuff that most of us have to do: cooking, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, seeing to children or grandchildren etc.
    I love having blogging friends!

  7. Well written Annette, I couldn't agree more, and I must take this opportunity to say that I really enjoy your blog. x

  8. Annette you are right!!!! I feel each word you have written! I'm in your words!!!
    Thank you for sharing even these good and strong thoughts!!
    xxx Ale

  9. Good post Annette, perfect for a Monday :) Power to us Bloggers!

  10. I've just begun following blogs (since maybe last Sept?) I have reserved a blog name for myself (that took forever! *lol!* Either I'm not that creative in my thinking or I'm so far behind in joining bloggy land, that every name I thought of has already been taken. But I finally did it!)
    Ehem! Ever since I've discovered blogs, I've been so INSPIRED to get busy crocheting again. I've also decided to begin quilting! And BEST OF ALL! I'm now connecting with cool crafty folks All Around The World! Unless I win the lottery *grin* I will not be able to travel and meet so wonderful, crafty folks. So let the haters go on hating! *group hug!*

  11. You're absolutely right..bloggers are the best!

  12. I my surroundings I don't know anyone who is blogging. Some familymembers know I do...but there is little interest. They love my chrocheting though! I totally agree with you that it can be a thing that enriches you...although I'm fairly new at this blogging thing ;-)

  13. although i don't have a blog myself ,but in cyber world I have learnt so many many thing.I learned how to make a better cakes & to crochet more accurate ,to sympathize with others in moment of their hard time...,I'm so glad that i know[ ENGLISH] & a little bit of [FRENCH].so I don't care for those who raise their eyebrows & whatever think.I'm so glad THAT I HAVE A BIG WINDOWS IN FRONT OF ME ,"CYBER WORLD" .much love ,ZOHREH

  14. Good Afternoon Annette, I really enjoyed this post. I certainly do not see myself as "an insecure, attention seeking women with low self esteem craving for approval".
    I see myself as a strong women, who raised two beautiful daughters, who are strong minded and educated women.
    I have moved so many times, I have lost count, but was always able to set up home very quickly, so the family would have a comfortable home.
    My husband's job took him away from us quite a bit....but I didn't grumble....I turned to crafts....I knit, I sew, I quilt.
    ....and the last thing I am, is certainly, not self indulgent.
    But what I am, is a woman who enjoys blogging, who enjoys learning and connecting with other people. Like you I have taught myself how to set up a blog, it has taken me a isn't perfect, but I did it and I am proud of that.
    So, ignore the doubters and the people who criticize, we know how brilliant we are.
    Best Wishes

  15. What a great post!!! Every post that I write, I am always questioning myself, hoping that I am able to write in a manner that is all about sharing and not about bragging. You have perfectly summarized all that thoughts that run around in my head!
    I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I have been a follower for some time now. I always enjoy your posts! :) --Fran

  16. Bloggers are "insecure, attention seeking women with low self esteem craving for constant approval." I humbly disagree. I know that I blog and read blogs to mainly see what's new in the crochet world. I love to see the use of color and variations to patterns. I do not need approval from strangers, only the approval of the recipients of my crocheted items. I will admit, I am agoraphobic and appreciate interacting via blogging but I am a big girl and don't need approval of strangers. I am right with you on your post today. The heck with folks who don't understand what makes bloggers tick. Thank you for a great post.

  17. So who's saying that we're bored housewives? OK, there maybe some bored housewives out there who have nothing better to do but really, honestly, does it matter? Who cares?

    We all have our reasons for blogging but mainly personally I do it to connect with other like minded people. Years ago, you would share your interests on a local level by joining a knitting, sewing, whatever circle.

    These days it is more difficult. Women's working and home lives have changed drastically since the 50s/60s. There isn't the friendly neighbourhood communities there once was. Rather than become isolated, the Internet has opened up the whole world on our devices.

    Now we can share and discuss our hobbies and interests with people on the other side of the world. There are whole online communities dedicated to anything and everything. Ravelry has just under 3 million members. Blogging is just an online diary of our triumphs and disasters.

    Why is it that when men blog about cars, games, DIY, sports, etc it is wholly accepted as being OK. A place to impart knowledge and information, but when it is about women's interest we're seen as self indulgent.

    Could somebody please tell me the difference?

  18. You are AWESOME! I totally agree with you and I am here cheering you on ( as most blogging friends would). We all blog for different reasons, a creative outlet with like minded people. I personally don't put everything rosie and wonderful on my blog, I try to keep it a bit truer to my life. But don't people on Facebook, Twitter, Instgram all do the same thing? They portray their lives as one big happy situation showing us pictures of their perfect lives. Blogging is way better, it gives you the time and space to say what you want. It introduces us to friends and cultures around the world that we learn so much from. I am with you all the way on this one, you go Annette!

  19. Good Afternoon, I usually follow your blog and I feel exactly the same since I have a blog too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  20. Annette, I totally agree with you. Initially when I used to tell people that I crochet and blog about crochet, the responses were not at all what I expected. Most of them didn't know about crochet or blogging and were just not interested. Nowadays I don't even bother to tell anyone about my blog. So what if people around me do not understand my passion. I love what I do and will continue doing it.

  21. You speak for the masses!!! I once had a communications class professor who told us that when men talk, they "problem solve"; when women talk, they have a "pity party". We have to embrace the things that matter to us, no matter what others say or think! I don't have a blog, simply because I am not technically savvy. I have tried to get my daughter to sit still long enough to help with it, but young people have their own priorities. Women, historically , have always had to break free from others' limited perceptions about them. It is all about growing and prospering amidst the things that matter to each of us as individuals, and also, collectively, as women. I can relate to all that you've written!! I also feel very connected when viewing the work of others, their finished projects, etc,; It may be a virtual world, but it is as real as we make it!!

  22. Hi Annette...I check your blog every day..i do not comment every day BUT I have a few times..I follow way over 100 blogs..not every day but as much as I can...Blogging is WONDERFUL!!Its amazing how much information is out there in Blogland..I am in envy of you creative women who have the knowledge to do it...when my husband is watching Football(which is very boring to me) I sit and I check out my numerous Blogs I am following...Cozy Little House is the first one and yours is the second one..only because I found Brendas first lol! I enjoy everything you do Annette and am still grateful for the material you purchased for me...I love it!! and your crocheting just blows me away! I have crocheted since I was 5 years old taught by my sweet wonderful Gramma...I am always crocheting and even mastered the CROCODILE STITCH this past was a hard one to understand and took me 3 days to finally learn it but I did!! and for that I am very proud of myself..made myself a scarf with the stitch that is very warm and so beautiful!!I so appreciate all of you Bloggers!!! Love your hearfelt post today!! :-) Carol

  23. I love everything you post on your blog Annette!! especially your crocheting..its just beautiful!!I try to check it out every day..I will try to comment more...Carol

  24. Are we selfindulgent, insecrure and bored??? Err.... no more than other people I am sure! In general I think that a lot of people have a thing about 'airing your laundry in public', even if it's as innsocent as 'airing your crocheted or sewing laundry'. In Holland we have the saying 'tall trees catch the most wind', so people who dare something will always be criticised. But the people that have said that to you, what have they done and accomplised?? Do they talk to people allover the world every day? Giving them a broad horizon? Tons of creative ideas and a LOT of support??? I think NOT!

    I started blogging because I was always lurking on other peoples blog and I felt like I shouldn't be the wall flower anymore. Now I have readers from a lot of places in the world that I sometimes chat and e-mail with. People have sent me lovely things when I felt down and I have contributed to some great causes that I wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for blogging!

    And I am no housewife, I am a journalist and many people sometimes 'sniffed' about me 'a serious journalist' blogging about frivelous things like sewing and crochet... well, balls to them! And the fun thing is: half of my family is now reading my blog, my friends are and I often hear that they're pissing themselves laughing over what I have to write and that it's 'so typically me', so the joke isn't on me and the ones who are criticising us I think.

    Blogging takes courage, creativity, stamina and endurance. We rock!


  25. Dear Annette,
    Honestly before I found your blog I've never thought that it can be so exciting! I knew about it but was never really interested. But I really do thank God to find you, because I was really down in my life, and spending my time I was surfing on the web, when I saw your pictures...full of color, love, energy...Just what I needed..And since that time I already found other wonderful blogs as well and I decided, that don't know when, but I'm going to have my own blog for sure...I'm already taking pictures of the things I make and I love it!!!It is really true, that I grew a lot already, I learned new things what I'm sure, I couldn't have without these amazing blogs...So if somebody doesn't understand, it's her/his problem...We DO understand!!!!! :) We love what you are doing!!!! Sophie from Hungary

  26. Hi Annette
    The timing could not have been better for me. I, like Christine, started blogging 2 months ago and there are days I ask myself way do I need to blog ? Is it that I need people to tell me how nicel are some of the things I make ? Maybe, and I am not ashamed to admit this. But also, I found myself answering to myself that actually I dont have any friends that share my passion for crafts and homemade things, and so I like sharing them with others that also enjoy crafting. When it comes to relatives they probably checked my blog once at the beginning, but only to tell me they had seen it, some others, not even.
    But, yes, sometimes II do feel regarded as a kind of 'weirdo' And as somebody who has lots of time (not the case) and always tell them the day has 24hours for everyone...Anyway, for those who think we are just bored housewifes, well, we are just the opposite, fun loving people, who love sharing, learning from each other and who are extremely creative. So please, keep blogging all of you as so will I.

  27. well said Annette! I think you hit the spot here! I have felt a huge amount of inspiration since I first started reading blogs, in many different areas of life as well. I think my first love will always be crafting though! Heather x

  28. I love how you went back to the basics of blogging to write this post. No frills, no pictures, no projects. This post in itself is an example that at it's core blogging in communicating. Don't get me wrong, I love all your pictures and fun projects, but I think you definitely got the point across here. Pure and simple.

    PS. You make me want to live in Sweden! haha

  29. Great post! I completely agree!! To be honest, I'd be lost without blogging. I got into it nearly 2 years ago, and I love it - so much inspiration and positivity! Amazing how exciting a picture of someone's crochet blanket can be! I read your whole post to my boyfriend, as he gets subjected to a lot of blog talk (he loves it though!)
    Maria x

  30. I too don't have any friends that share my love of crafts (although I seem to be the first port of call when they need a button sewing on or an alteration) so I find the blogging community generous of their time in sharing their ideas and expertise. We are all short of funds these days and cannot always afford to spend money on attending exhibitions etc, so the sharing community of blog land feed my need for exploration and ideas. I whole heartedly thank you and fellow blogger for sharing.

  31. My week day morning ritual, a home made cappuccino with TONS of foam, and my favorite blogs. I read every new post, not just the ones that have pretty pictures. It relaxes me and gives me energy at the same time. It's a routine that helps me get in the shower and go to work each day. I am very grateful for my blog friends. I've encountered the same responses when I tell people that I have blog friends. They look as if they feel sorry for me, like I don't have any real friends (which isn't true!) Not too many are interested enough to check them out themselves. It's almost like discrimination isn't it? I sand firmly on my belief that blogs are the new coffee klatsch and I pity those who turn their noses up at them. Thank you for this discussion. Happy blogging!

  32. Very well said Annette, I agree 100%.
    Like you, I also feel that I have been improving a lot my skills, techniques, visions perspectives, ambitions., etc thanks to blogging and following other bloggers.
    Bloggers are sexy!

  33. Hi Annette, Beautifully expressed. When I quit my job after 16 years as a banker it is only my crochet and blogging that has kept me happy, eager, alert, inspired and far away from depression. I see blogging as "Me" time and the fact that I have made hundreds of friends along the way is an added bonus. Bloggers are a kind and unselfish lot. Always eager to share and appreciate others. I have learned so much thru blogging. You are definitely one of my sources of inspiration. So three cheers for blogging and long live Blogdom! :)

  34. This was a very encouraging post. I sometimes wonder about the same thing. Is my blogging just something that is taking my time? Glad to know I'm not the only one who truly enjoys blogging, and that I get those same blank looks when I say I blog. :)


  35. Coo! Thanks for the encouragement, Annette!

    1. And bloggers are cool anyway, whatever anyone says.

    2. Sorry about the photo. That's what happens when you use your Dad's blog account!

  36. Aah, you are so right. We learn and share so much, and much of our time is spent in cyberspace, it is where we are. 100 yrs ago no-one would have imagened this level of communication!
    I have been accused once of 'living my life in cyberspace' - when I regularly meet up for a crochet & coffee with the lovely friends I've met through my crochet group on Facebook - both in town and countrywide - or learn something new/share a project with online blogger friends, see the good wishes, prayer requests, lives shared...I just smile :-)

  37. I guess blogging could be called self-indulgent. I get why people would say that, but I your sentiments echo my own I think. I was that shy girl too, and blogging has brought me out of my cyber corner. I don't have a crafty circle to meet in real life, so I do it here. We can share and you understand and that's invaluable to me. Who doesn't like to share common ground with like-minded people? If that's self-indulgent, who isn't? Having said all that, I don' really tell anyone I blog, I guess I fear they wouldn't 'get it'. I've only just been 'outed' as a blogger to my own friends and family! Hopefully now I'm out of my cyber corner, I'll work on getting out of my real world blogger corner too!

    S x

    PS - You can get your facebook page to update with you blog posts automatically. You just need to use an application called that's what I use.... link here:

  38. Hello Annette! Thank you for your new post :)
    I love bloggering, I can "meet" some interesting people, some of my friendships are virtual and I am happy for this opportunity. I have lovely friends near by me, but nobody to sew, to crochet, to knit... strange? I love them, we can go for coffee and talk about children, about sport, about news, about fashion... but not about hand made acctivity. Yes, they like my work, I am glad to do something for them, but if I want to learn something new, or to speak with someone with similar hobby - I have to go to blogland :)
    So, keep your passion for hand made acctivity, share your hand made results and keep your lovely blog!
    Have a lovely time, Jolana

  39. Great post.
    I know i can't do without blogging anymore...i love all the inspiration,
    beautiful people and wonderful things it brought to me...can't imagine
    missing all that.
    And those people who don't know a thing about blogging but do
    have a meaning about it are mostly people who spend hours on Facebook
    doing the same because they are 'selfindulgent, insecure and bored'...
    like us ;-)

    Happy blogging for us all xx!!!

  40. Yes Yes have said everything I have been feeling since i started blogging wow..THANK YOU.

    Blogging has given me so much I only hope i give something back.....
    And the friends and experiences I have had because of it...amazing.

    I will link to this post because it is amazingly frank and true.if thats ok with you

    bestest wishes to you and all fellow bloggers out there.
    Daisy jones
    daisy jones

  41. Here! Here!~ Well said and soo very true!
    Thank you also...
    love Maria x Found you through miss Daisy above!

  42. Annette, I am SO GLAD you have your blog! It is a true source of inspiration to me (as are so many other craft blogs). They are the most important part of my crochet life -- I learn so much, see so much, share so much. I can't imagine if there were no bloggers out there! I just started my own crochet blog and admit that I felt (and still feel, a little) like it's just a show-and-tell and that my friends and family will think it's a very self-indulgent act. But in the short time I've been online I've already met some wonderful people around the world and gotten some help with my crocheting as well as some incredibly kind feedback (which I don't get from my family at all). It's been a great experience so far and your post couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me. Keep up the wonderful blogging! :)

  43. ra ra!!! i have found you through miss daisy too are so right...sure we all question ourselves at times but ultimately it is a shared passion and blogging is such a positive experience.....'here come the girls'! Best wishes x

  44. This is a *fantastic* post!!!

  45. Yay! Brilliant post :-) Nice to have found you xx

  46. as someone who has vaguely toyed with blogging over the last year, someone who very much wants to do it, someone who is oh so scared of the technical side of it all, someone who is scared of failing in unknown territory (the crafing is the oh so easy side of it), I would like to thank you for sharing this post. It makes me think I'm not the only one who struggles with it all, and with a bit of determination and persistance I just might bloody well be able to do it :-)

  47. I am not a blogger myself, but I love reading them.
    And very important, they give me inspiration for my crochet projects, and much more...
    So Annette and all you other bloggers, keep on blogging, and I'll keep on following, reading and enjoying!
    Love, Liz.

  48. Thanks to all your lovely bloggers I have found so much inspiration and ideas for my crochet and knitting! Small things here and there that makes my crafting funnier and the result so shifting.

    My small blog is not much read. But I try to show my pieces there and I have also started to tag all the things I give away or sell. I have a dream of doing this in a way for living. Still a dream - but anyway.

    Keep on blogging everyone! For your own sake and for all of us crafty people that seek Internet for inspiration!

    An thank you again Anette for your lovely blog!

  49. Brilliant post Annette, you said it all and I heartily agree with the benefits shared within this amazing crafting blogging world - together we explore and share new crafts and techniques, push back the barriers and stretch and grow ourselves - and our families as well as the blogging community benefit, as it makes us happier and more fulfilled!
    Have a great week Annette!
    Gill xx

  50. wauw! Beautiful post! Love your blog, greetz Eef

  51. What a lot of phooey some of these people do talk. Don't they know that you are quite someone in the blogging world? Tell them there are blogs and there are BLOGS and that you definitely have a BLOG. Don't they know who you are!!

    Very nicely written post and never forgot all the skills that you put in one place on your blog. If ever you a looking for a different type of job don't forget to show off about all your many skills as they are totally transferable. Basically it's your own magazine you are running. Some do it better than others it is true but the good ones, well they are really very good and absolutely professional in standards and far more interesting than a lot of purchased media. Everyone has a right to blog whatever, but those that shine, well they are really special.

    Yes, you are one of those really talented bloggers - good, intelligent, interesting and honest writing, lovely pictures, great crafts and lots of things of interest you tell us about. Keep on keeping on please!

  52. So very nice to read this! I was a woman like you, I want to blog, but I was afraid I couldn't. I was afraid that I would lose my inspiration from the moment that I would start blogging. I started blogging 3 month ago, I thought I'd just start, what have I got to lose?
    And... I won! I just got inspiration. I shared things and got in a short time many cyber-friends. I'm a very happy blogging woman now! People here in town like the things I do, but it is so nice to meet people who are just as crazy hooks and crafts as yourself.
    I even got a new friend:!

    You have a very nice blog!!

  53. Well you've summed up exactly what I think! I'm new to this blogging carry on and have not only questioned my own motives but also find myself reticent to talk about it with 'nonbloggers' - and if I do I tend to use an apologetic tone. But you're right - it isn't always easy to surround yourself with like minded people and to find this community is encouraging and inspirational. I don't think it will ever replace the face to face contact ( I wouldn't miss my Thursday night yarn group for the world!) but it can certainly live happily alongside it x

  54. Dear Annette

    I started blogging when I was recovering from a serious illness back in 2006 and found it to be all you have said and more. Thanks for this post.


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