Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A word about October

October. Weather is changing. Days are getting shorter. We have mid-term school break. There is wind, there is rain, there are chilly mornings but also beautiful autumn sunshine. The gardening is over. All plants are ripped out. Only a few late blooming flowers are to be seen in our garden together with a rhubarb plant and some herbs. No apples this year, because of the big hail storm in June. No walnuts either. Lets hope for better harvest next year.

I am wondering,  shall I bother weeding before winter or just leave it as it is? Do I cut down all the flowers (they are all perennials) or do I leave them as they are?

The farmer set up the electric fencing yesterday, I guess the cows will soon arrive for the last few weeks of grazing on grass before frost and snow will come. I can't wait to hear the melody of all their cow bells.

I hang out with my kids between house chores and running around. It is all about the shawl for the moment when it comes to crafts... Pattern writing which is taking much longer than expected because of the picture tutorials I will include. The testing of the pattern to make sure I will release a pattern that really works without large mistakes in it. I have also been hanging out with my shop friend Tamara from Spice Your Life, discussing ideas and events for the future. That is her lovely red bench which I stole a moment on while waiting for her the other day. Isn't the color just smashing?

So that is October over here. One day I see the Alps clearly, another they are covered in clouds. I am enjoying myself, I like the fact of putting on scarves, boots and stockings. I like this time of year. When nature becomes a big bonfire of colors. I am looking forward to walks in the woods with leg warmers, hat and scarf. I love the seasons. All four of them and everything in between.


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  1. What a nice large space you have to garden in! I just pretty much leave mine alone in the winter.
    Your scarf is coming along nicely!
    I adore these shorter days. So cozy!!
    xo Kris

  2. Der Garten ist traumhaft schön mit dem Häuschen und dem Kirchlein.
    Der richtige Ort, um dort auf der gemütlichen Bank zu entspannen und so manch hübsche Häkelei entstehen zu lassen....
    Wirklich sehr, sehr schön.
    Liebe Grüße Olga

  3. Sounds very lovely were you are, would be great to sit on the red bench and crochet in the Autumn sun.

  4. I live in Southern England and at the moment, we have driving rain and all the colour has gone from the autumnal countryside into the gloom. I also live surrounded by countryside but our cows don't (sadly) have bells but we do have a flock of sheep :) It is consequently delightful to see your colourful pictures. Thank you for posting them :)
    Best wishes, Anthea

  5. The weather is really odd here. The leaves are still mainly green - it's still quite warm. Too warm for Autumn! But the winds and rain have arrived - so I'm not sure that we will see much in the way of a colourful Autumn now.
    I'm not sure about gardening either at the moment. It can wait!

  6. It's lovely to share everyone's seasons and how it is were they live, every season that arrives I think.... Ooh I love Autunm, Winter, Spring, Summer. It wasn't until I blogged that I realised there was something about each one I loved. Your pictures are lovely.
    Sally xxx

  7. Oh, embrace your seasons! Even though winter might be long and cold. We have summer, 4 days of autumn, 3 weeks of winter, 6 days of spring, and then summer. Not always as nice as it sounds.

  8. Wish you lived close to me. Then I would share my apple harvest with you! And also the pears, cooking pears and raspberries. We are still harvesting the cooking pears as they come in large numbers this year. I love climbing the latter and picking the pear from the highest tree branch. It feels like unwrapping a present. After picking the cooking pears I stove them in the AGA cooker, to eat for dinner or to put into the freezer. The weather is warm for the time of the year. There is even a change for a warm record today. Enjoy your days with your lovely family.

  9. Thank you Annette for your lovely posts and beautiful pictures!

  10. Hi Annette,

    Thank you for your sweet words on my blog and your email! It helped!

    Such a sweet photo of you and your daughter! She does look a lot like you! What a pretty garden you have as well!

    Madelief x

  11. Annette was a beautiful post and lovely photographs. I adore your garden - how pretty you and your lovely daughter are. Big hugs to you both

  12. Annette, you and your daughter are so adorable. It sounds like a beautiful October to me.

  13. As you discribe it, october is beautifull. We also have a lovely autumn at this moment in the Netherlands. The sun is shining (yesterday 23 degrees) and the Woods have wunderfull colors. The only thing that I don't like is that winter comes next. But that will be much later. So now we enjoy autum as much as you do, I only wish I could also see the Alps.

    Best wishes,

  14. Hello Annette...your blog posts are like a letter from home...nice to see a picture of you and your daughter. I can see how over here we make our lives so complicated(USA) and I yearn for a simpler life as I imagine your part of the world can be. Enjoy the autumn...it is lovely here as well and i enjoy sitting in the sun with an afternoon cup of tea with my cat on my lap. take care...hope your hand is doing better. Eva

  15. Oi amiga, adorei todas as novidades do teu blog, também trago novidades no meu blog para ti contar, confira e depois deixe um comentário para eu poder saber o que achastes,abraços do Brasil.

  16. I have just discovered your blog. It is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. October looks just delish! Looking forward to following your beautiful blog.


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