Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What's up?

YARN: Ideal by Bergere de France.
COLORS: Cendre (grey), Everest (white), Brouilly (burgundy red), Cyklamen (berry pink),
Danseuse (light pink), Fougere (dark green), Olivine (light green).
HOOK SIZE: 3,5mm/E4 US.
PATTERN: By Annette Ciccarelli, buy it here.
I am finishing the last row on my second Nordic Shawl. I have to admit I love the color combos on this one. Now it is only to fasten off ends left before I decide if I should give it away, sell it or keep it for myself... Decisions, decisions.
So, what's up? I haven't been around much have I? Well, I am here. And not here. I am actually very much present in Real Life more than in Cyber Life for the moment. And I like it that way. My list of things I need to do is so dreadfully looooong. But the list of what I WANT to do is what gets priority this time of the year:

- Finish some small crochet projects I have lying around
- Start on a new stripy blanket that I have in mind
- Lay puzzles and listen to Christmas music
- Bake ginger cookies and saffron buns with my kids
- Wrap Christmas gifts without stress
- Christmas decorate my home
- Walk around in Christmas PJ and warm slippers looking lazy
- Drink Swedish Glögg (spiced hot red wine) and eat chocolates
- Light candles
- Watch the Swedish Advents Calendar
- Watch Christmas movies
- Let someone else take care of all the cleaning and laundry
- Eat delicious dinners
- Do crafts with the kids
- Go for chilly walks and have a hot chocolate after - because I deserve it
- Just chill out with my loved ones and go slow, absorbing every minute of the Christmas countdown.
- Sit still and just be

So that is what I am trying my best to do. It is not easy, I have to admit, to just chill out and enjoy but I think I have done very well so far this year compared with previous hectic and totally stressful Christmas countdowns. So how are you doing? Are you chilling out or are your heart skipping at high speed and you find yourself rushing from one thing to another not getting anything done?

Breathe! Sit down. Grab a cookie and a coffee. Listen to Michael Buble's Christmas CD and get carried away by his smooth voice. You don't have his CD? Get out there and buy it.

Dear cyber friends. I love having you here. Welcome to all my new followers. You are truly amazing and wonderful and I am so flattered to have you come to visit my world. Happy Christmas countdown everyone. See you around.


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  1. This evening, after two blankets, I'll start my first shawl!

  2. Oh, I'm finishing also my avventura calendar with your hearts granny!

  3. Sounds like heaven Annette! Have you some spare time to help me with some house renovations?

  4. Lovely post! I do not have listed, I'm afraid that would be even longer. But when I make one, I want to put one thing on my list: making a Nordic Shawl!

  5. This is so beautiful dear Annette, especially the colours fascinated me. Thank you, with my love, nia

  6. So enjoy your blogs! Wishing you and yours a peaceful Christmas.Off to order a Michael Buble Christmas CD now .From a well wisher in Scotland.x

  7. The shawl is lovely Annette, and it's obviously been good therapy! Your approach to this christmas is great, with some special ideas, take care, Heather x

  8. lovely colours! i´ve just started mine! i´ll let you know, when i am finished!
    take your time & enjoy life... it´s going sooo fast!
    bye pami

  9. Hi Annette! You make amazing color combo's... i don't know what the secret is ;) ... but when i look to your foto's i always notice this! I always love this patterns and the beautiful edges!

    Have a nice day. It's freezing in Holland right now.. also in Switzerland? Then you can use the Nordic Shawl to stay warm in these cold days...!


  10. Your shawl is looking absolutely beautiful , Annette .... I would have to go with the third option and keep it for myself :) The colours look so lovely together.....just right for the festive season .
    Have fun working your way through your list.
    Best wishes from the Charente,

  11. Hey Annette,
    what a wonderful list! Special the point with the laundry is really nice! >. < Thanks for this post. :-)
    See you,

  12. Mal keine Grannys sieht toll aus auch die Farben passen gut zusammen .
    Schöne Weihnachten Karo

  13. Oh the best kind of list what you want to do and not what you have to do...hurrah for you....bestest festive wishes to you and yours
    Daisy J x

  14. What a lovely post. Firstly, I love the colours of your Nordic shawl, and secondly, I felt my shoulders relax as I read your Christmas countdown and then I reached for a chocolate! With best wishes to you and yours for the Festive Season.

  15. I loved this post. I feel totally like this and I need that CD:)

  16. That shawl was also beautiful! Think I have to buy the pattern :) And make sure you do the things you WANT to do, I totally agree with your priorities.

    Jeg ønsker deg en fredelig og harmonisk julefeiring med masse tid til å være sammen med dine kjære!
    Klem fra Jette


  18. I love colours on the new shawl - I would keep it!
    I took a blogging break for a while and found my creativity (and efficiency!) came back ten fold over the time away. That really taught me a lesson so from now on it's less cyber time! I have truly been enjoying the holiday season and I hope your wishlist gets completely checked off - I may sue some of your ideas! Have a wonderful holiday season with your precious ones!
    Jenn @ JennsCraftyWorld

  19. Love your Nordic Shawls!!! Love them!!!
    xo Kris

  20. Good for you trying to be in the moment. I love your list, especially the part of someone else doing the cleaning and laundry. Love your latest shawl, keep it for yourself!

  21. Hi Annette,

    As a new reader of your blog, I have been checking every day to see if you posted something new. What a treat it is this frosty morning to find a new post. The shawl is gorgeous! Love the colors. And, reading your list made me aware that mine is somewhat similar, though our house is decorated for Christmas already. Cards and packages have been mailed, some shopping a baking awaits. I, too, look forward to time to sit with a knitting project, with candles lit and Christmas music playing softly.

    Enjoy the Advent and peace,


  22. Your shawl is beautiful! I love the colors you're using. I think taking a break is a great idea and I may have a short one soon, over the holidays.

  23. Your colours are wonderful and so restful to look at during this hectic time of year. I am still chasing my tail, but taking moments to rest, such as when waiting in queues! Have a great week xx

  24. That is a beautiful shawl. I don't think I could bring myself to give it away if it was mine! X

  25. Mmmmh loving the colours of your shawl.
    Sally xxx

  26. I'm a new reader, and I must say that your shawls are just beautiful! I would have to keep this one. This is such a happy, pleasant place to visit. :-)
    Happy Advent Season to you!

  27. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

  28. Oh yes, you can't beat a bit of Buble, it's true! Your list sounds wonderful and I hope you get to do as much on it as possible. I think there should definitely be relaxation for us at Christmas whenever possible. It's such a busy time that we deserve any break we can get!

    S x

  29. Jag älskar julen och det viktigaste med den tycker jag är att njuta! Att prioriterar rätt är ju verkligen inte lätt. Min sy och virkasvacka har börjat avta, har börjat virka igen och jag har sytt en julstrumpa i ett litet hemlisbyte i en facebook-grupp, det börjar bli roligt igen, har inte så mycket beställningar och det är så skönt att få göra det jag vill. Hoppas ni får en härlig jul! Kramar från norrland...

  30. Happy to see that I'm not the only one with such a long to do list ;-)

  31. Hi Annette - I love the colours in your shawl. I have alot of grey DK that I didn't know what to make with and now I can see how to make it look pretty with the contrasting colours you have used. I think my Christmas list would look like yours. We are in the middle of moving house and the sitting quiet and being still is definitely something I need. xxx

  32. Lovely Annette so many of the things on your to do list are on mine also! Love the colours of your blanket - it is sumply stunning. Hope all your dreams come true this Christmas Annette, all my love as always

  33. Beautiful shawl!!! My list of things I want to do/make is getting longer also....!
    Really love your blog, keep up the good work, but also enjoy life!!!

    Groetjes van Ellebel

  34. Great colors. Love this one even more than the other!

  35. I love the colours of this shawl, its lovely. I am only feeling a little manic because I have an order to finish, but other than that things are fairly organised here. Enjoy your prep it sound lovely xoxo

  36. Your Nordic shawl looks beautiful Annette. I will keep it in mind for when I am looking for a new project!

    Enjoy real life!

    Happy Sunday!

    madelief x

  37. Hi. I'm a new reader also..your blog is fab! I love your fabrics and crochet..lovely place to visit.

  38. Hej Annette! Tack för härlig inspiration i din fantastiska blogg! På jullovet tänker jag ta tag i alla mina garner som bara ligger och skrotar. Vill så gärna virka en sjal lik denna! Hoppas att jag har garn som funkar!
    Till att börja med har jag virkat hjärtan enligt din beskrivning! Blev lita annorlunda med mitt grova garn, men jag gillar dem också. Jag länkade i min blogg till din beskrivning och blogg om någon annan vill virka. Hälsningar Annica

  39. Annette, I just ADORE this shawl......I mean......TOTALLY LOVE IT! I loved it in your natural colourway, but the grey is, just sublime. This is DEFINITELY on my list in the New Year of things to make (i'm sure that you know JUST how much I love a shawl! ha ha!).

    I loved your list too. Being with your family more and on here less at Christmas is definitely the right way to go. I do hope that you have the most SUPER Christmas and New Year, and I cannot wait to see what 2014 will be like in your world here in blogland!

    Take care my friend

    Vanessa xxx


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