Friday, December 23, 2016

Packing, prepping, sweating, fixing...

Travel fever. Do you suffer from it? I do. After all these years with travels all over the globe, I still get incredibly jumpy the last few days before departure. My head stops working and I enter a "I can't do anything" mode... The list is so long and overwhelming, there are so many things to do before locking up the front door... and even though I make lists, I seem to not be able to tackle it all in one go. I sit, glued to the sofa, and stare at the most ridiculous shows and programs as my body turns into a freeze.

It is not until a good 24 hours before leaving the house that things really happens. I get frantic and accomplish more things in a few hours than in the whole week passed. I'm in the frantic phase now... Getting so many things done. Ticking off those things from my list:

- Paying the last couple of bills
- Call about the letter from the tax office
- Call about the letter from the insurance...
- Setting up the cats in the laundry room with cozy chairs, fur, crochet blankets and all...
- Making sure I have enough cat food
- Getting travel documents in order
- Wrapping the last few gifts
- Packing the kids stuff
- Folding the last run of laundry
- Wiping down the bathrooms
- Booking the shuttle to the port in Miami
- Emptying the fridge
- Taking out the garbage
- Bringing compost to the recycling
- Going through my emails
- Checking my Etsy Shop
- Preparing this blog post
- Charging everything that needs to be charged (including me...)- Making sure we have the night light, Ping Ping, chargers, passports, camera...
- Do my last day at work... Just a few more hours to go...

Well, we are ready. We ARE ready. We are READY! WE ARE READY! Not really, but we will be. I always pull it off in the end. Just got to make sure all kids are with me at 4.30 in the morning when we leave for the airport. Passports and money. Anything else can be purchased or fixed as we go I guess. Oh, I better not forget the memory card for my camera. Or the charger... Ear phones. Travel socks. Turning down the heaters, unplugging all electrics and of course, leaving the key for Madame to care for the cats. Oh, and lets not forget to breath shall we... Oh my gosh! I just remembered - What WiP shall I bring!!!??? The stress level is certainly high here...

PS The pattern for the Pine Tree Wrist Warmers will be released in January.
PS 2 I made the Christmas Greeting Card at Great and fun free editing tool online. :)


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  1. My dear Annette,
    Wishing you and your beautiful family a very merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true in 2017.
    Safe travels!
    Big hugs, Heike xx

  2. Have fun and enjoy the holidays Annette. All will be fine, even you've forgetten some things.

  3. annete!ioncreible!m,e pasa lo mismo,cuando viajamos,


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