Monday, February 13, 2017

Crochet, Tulips, Mountains And Pancakes

I watched more TV than usual last week, and allowed myself to sit still more than running around and getting "things" done. I've been reflecting upon things a lot. It all resulted in row after row being added to a new version of Isak's Blanket. It is a test run of the pattern which will be released very soon. I love the spring like candy colors I've used in this one. Color therapy on high level.

I heard on Swedish Radio that Swedes buy the most tulips in the whole world. I'm not surprised. There is no other cut flower I buy more than tulips. I love them the most when they are just about bloomed out and almost loosing their petals. My need for pink continues and naturally my tulips are gorgeously pink.

I feel that our living room needs a face lift. It feels a bit flat and empty after taking down all the Christmas decorations a few weeks ago. I'm thinking a simple short and straight curtain... Some green plants. And a wall of family photos and drawings above the sofa. Shouldn't be to hard to complete, right?

I drove all the way to Zurich for a Mid Week Adventure and took the chance to go to the movies all on my own. It was really nice and I might just make that a treat for myself on a more regular basis. I watched La La Land. What a lovely movie. I wasn't blown away, but there was something with that movie that got stuck with me. The soundtrack... The dresses and skirts... I find myself walking around humming "City of staaaaars... ", and I'm intrigued to take tap dancing lessons.

On Saturday morning we decided to go to Gstaad. We left the mess behind and took off in an instant. It was great to come up to the mountains. We are very fortunate to have this place to retreat to during ski season. Those panoramic views over the valley and the mountains are to die for. When we got there we all agreed that this place is a happy place for us.

Sunday morning I made pancakes. With banana and maple syrup. After we went skiing and took in the mountain views in full. We returned back home with yet another adventure in our book of life, being gone for only 24 hours but it felt like a week long vacation... The small things. The small adventures. Some crochet, tulips, mountains and pancakes that makes magic in my life. And the Mid Week Adventure of course.

PS The recipe of the American Pancakes can be found here. :)


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  1. That sounds like a brilliant week, glad you managed to get to Zurich. Hope this week is a good one too. CJ xx

  2. Loved this post! So many lovely colors in the crocheted blanket. It inspires me to start a new project. :-) And the mountain pics are amazing. What a good time you all must have had on your getaway. The pink tulips are really beautiful. They make a room really "light up." Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. I remember many skiing days nearby. I used to have a boyfriend in Lauenen. The man was a bit of a waste of time (in hindsight) but oh the scenery was worth every minute spent there. Love the Berner Oberland but haven't been in many many years (it is a bit out to the way now that I live in Scotland). A midweek adventure in Zurich sounds good, glad you enjoyed it. I haven't seen Lalaland or any other movie that was not of the Pixar/Disney variety. The colours of your blanket are delightful, perfect for spring. Have a lovely week.

  4. Hi Annette,
    Sounds like you had a lovely week. I agree on the Tulips. I love seeing them in all their brightness. If you ever consider going to The Netherlands you should wait till you can see fields full of them. It's the most incredible view. And on the side of the road people sell them for like 1 or 2 euro's. I'm really glad you managed in Zurich, and La La Land is still on my to do list.
    Have a nice week.

    Sweet greetings,

  5. What a lovely week! The snow looks amazing (particularly to someone in the middle of Summer who never sees snow!). Loving the colours in your blanket.


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