Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The phone line kiss

I'm running errands and I'm running late for lunch at home. I call home from the car on the speaker phone when leaving the parking garage at the mall. Emmy Bo answers with her twittering voice filling the inside of the car. I explain that I'm on my way, she says:  
"Ok. See you soon Mama. I love you." and then she give me a kiss through the phone, a kiss that fills up the inside of the car where I sit, making me feel the most wonderful warmth in my soul. And I'm thinking:
"This is life. This is love. This is what matters. This is why I'm here on this earth. To get this phone line kiss from my 11-year girl." Such a simple action that fills me with the deepest and most true love. Motherhood at its best. Eleven is a great age. And once again, its the small things in life that matters... like a kiss on the speaker phone in the car. Remember that.


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  1. I so enjoy feeling the love in your posts and this one warms my heart!My oldest is 7 and he still runs out of the school building most days with a big smile and his arms wide open as if he hasn't seen me in days...your post reminds me to catch these moments more to live in the moment slow down... I can' not wait to pick him up...

  2. What a lovely moment to treasure and tuck away in your heart. Life is good when we notice the precious moments Tina x

    1. Hi Tina
      Thanks for popping in and sharing that with me. I couldn't agree more.
      Best wishes


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