Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kurbits & thank you... or the other way around

First of all THANK YOU for all your supportive comments on my last post. Unfortunately the situation was the kind where there were no good solution to find so the best one was to find new homes for the pups and we did. Monday. After all we can a only blame ourselves for not reading the contract properly before we decided on getting puppies and we can only blame ourselves for not asking the land lady for permission before we actually brought the dogs home. Sure, I have been angry, wanting to leave and all that, but the fact is she has a dog phobia. I mean PHOBIA. She scrunches up only to the word dog and would probably die of a heart attack if she knew she had dogs next door 24/7.  So, we are moving on. With crushed hearts. Life continues and we love our house and our garden. We don't really want to move so maybe we will just put this puppy thing on hold for a couple of years to see what life has to unfold. But really. Thank you so much for all kind words and shared emotions of devastation. Thank you! We are hanging in there.

So, moving on. I am getting inspired by Swedish traditional folk art - kurbits. This type of decorative painting was very popular in Dalarna in the middle of Sweden during mid 1700s to mid 1800s.

I have had this idea about making a Swedish folk art quilt (one of my first ideas even before I made my first quilt) and I am now collecting fabric and ideas for it. It will probably be a bit of an applique project and take forever but the plan is to have it as a piece of art hanging in the living room above our sofa. I am still far from starting this project but just indulging i fantastic pictures of kurbits makes my Swedish heart pound fast of joy. I really, truly love this type of art. The above photo is from the blog Glorious Applique. It is not really kurbits (or on second thought I guess it is kurbits...) but still a fantastic piece of art. Absolutely stunning applique work.

So lets indulge in crazy kurbits! I found these at Mocklis. So cool!

This cool skateboard is designed by Mattias Norström at Moustache ape.
Kurbits decorated modern clogs from Åsa Westlund.
Traditional Dala horses made in Nusnäs. A typical Swedish souvenir.
A more modern kurbits twist on the Dala horse.

Beautiful banner for a fun Swedish blog about the art of kurbits, named Kurbits.

Kurbits decorated clogs from Clogs 4U.

Modern kurbits art form Los Formos.
Old-fashion kurbits art.
I hope you enjoy this art as much as I do and I wish you all a good night. Now I am off to bed. 


  1. Oh Wow Annette, so I will just keep quiet about the puppies and praise you as a tough family.
    But the pictures you have in this post... I LOVE them. L.O.V.E. them. The first and the last are my favorite! The colors, the design... what a great idea of you to start a quilt like that, I am hanging on!
    Now off to bed too.

    love, Maaike

  2. Glad to know things are well. That quilt is just amazing, I would love to have one of those.

  3. Åh härliga sverige!! När jag bodde utomlands och fick hemlängtan var det precis sådana här bilder jag sökte upp och hjärtat värkte ännu mer..
    Ser verkligen fram emot det färdiga resultatet av din kurbitsquilt!!!! Det kan inte gå fel.

    En övermatare är en pressarfot som man skruvar fast på maksinen så matats tyget fram både över och underifrån..

  4. Oh, så härliga kurbits-bilder och mänster!!

  5. Very similar to Polish Wycinanki - Google it as I think you'll like it too! :) Sorry I called your landlord a jerk - no one can help having a phobia I know - but those dogs were so beautiful it made me a bit cross to think that someone could just say "No" to such lovely little things.

  6. Áh sá fina hundvalpar. Det finns inget sótare, möjligtvis kattungar dá. Och sá KATAPLAFF!!!! Vilket sorgligt slut pá historien.
    Jag kan riktigt känna hur ledsna ni blev.
    Men som du säger, vänta ett tag man vet aldrig vad livet har att erbjuda. Stora kramar till er.

    Nu till nágot roligare..... Kurbits. det är ju hur häftigt som helst. Formerna färgerna.....vill ha, vill göra, vill se mer.....
    Allt mitt material är nerpackat. Vi flyttar lite varje dag och jobbar och längtar tills vi är pá plats, sen ska jag ta igen all "förlorad" pysseltid.
    Vi hörs, kramar

  7. It must have been very hard for you all, but as you say there is no good solution, and as a strong family you will help each other move on, and then maybe in a few years when circumstances change, who knows?
    Just love the brightness and neatness of the Kurbits - didnt realise thats what those designs are called - they are so cheerful!I have a set of white cake tins with a similar type of folk design on, i just love this style.
    Thanks for sharing this, and hope you the children are coping with the upset.
    PS Thanks again for the award - posted about it yesterday linking to you!
    Gill xx

  8. Vad roligt att du visade en av mina bilder! Jag älskar kurbits. :)
    Mycket trevlig blogg du har.

  9. Hi Annette,
    I, too, am a lover of folk art, and am feeling quite inspired by the Swedish designs.

    Lovely post.


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