Monday, June 13, 2011

Puppy love & heartbreak

For over a year the family has campaigned to win me over on the puppy issue and just about a few months ago I started to soften up. We decided to add a new member to the family and began looking for pups. It has been intense. Nelly has been searching the puppy sites daily. We have called on ads but not found. Until yesterday.

The most adorable puppies in the world. Jay and Nelly went the 2 hour drive to "look". Called me up and said "Lets get the two of them.". And I hesitated for a moment but when I heard the joy and excitement in Jay's voice I thought "Lets go wild!". I trust his judgement. If he says we can have two puppies we can have two puppies.  So we got two puppies! Completely insane. I know. The last two brothers in the litter.

Me, Luca and Emmy puppy proofed the house. Got out the little fenced cage area, bowls with food etc. Waited. And just before they arrived Luca bumped into the neighbour, who also happens to be our landlord, and she said "NO!". Just blank "No!. No dogs allowed. It is written in the contract".

Jay arrived and Nelly had grown up 2 years in maturity, bringing the puppies out of the car. But the excitement quickly, within a minute, turned into heartbreak. It never crossed our mind we couldn't have a dog as we already have a cat. It never crossed our mind that it would be stated in the contract as our French was so poor 3 years ago when we signed the contract. And here we are, with two adorable puppies, Jack Russel mixed with Fox Terrier. 2 months old. And we can't keep them.

I instantly fell in love. More than I wanted. And although I am a grown up I wanted to yell and scream, cry and sob just like Nelly did. What can you do as a parent when things go this wrong? Not much more than understand, comfort and let your child cry herself to red eyes and desperation. Feel the pain with her. Her first real heartbreak and I feel so stupid.

It has calmed down a bit now. We will put out an advert to find new owners. The landlord won't change her mind. She has dog phobia. And for the first time I feel like moving somewhere else, just so we can have a dog. Yes, that is me. The one who DIDN'T want a dog. Now I want one more than ever.

The love is instant. The laughter. The joy. Those two puppies brought us all together in a magical way. I laughed like I haven't laughed in a long time with those puppies. So from puppy love to heartbreak it is here at home. And now we are enjoying every second of tumbling around with these two cuties before they have to leave........ So stupid...... How could we miss out on that information?



  1. Oh Annette it makes me want to cry.
    First the joy and then the sadness - those pictures of your children made me tearful. I can only imagine the roller coaster of feelings and the unhappiness they must be feeling, at the same time the puppies are there to be loved and played with - what bitter sweetness.
    They are adorable!
    But how could you have known - it wouldnt have crossed my mind either.
    What can be done? Is there a way round this? It sounds like the landlord will not budge. Were you planning on moving soon as it is only rented? If so, is there somebody who could look after them in the mean time?
    What a terrible dilemma - I do so feel for you and your family.It is a kind of life style dilemma too isn't it? But not easy to just up sticks and move unless it was already on the cards!
    I shall keep my fingers crossed that the right solution can be found.
    Having said all that, children are pretty resilient,and although so painful and upsetting for them they would adjust.
    Good Luck with all this Annette - i do so feel for you all.
    Gill xx

  2. Oh no!!! I feel heartbroken for you all too! I grew up with dogs, and I love them soooo much, especially puppies of course. Isn't there a way you can keep them? Have them sleep outside in a doghouse? Oh really, this is such a pity... maybe another neighbour would like to have them, so you can all walk them and play with them close by your house?

    There will be a solution. Good luck!
    love Maaike

  3. Very cute! I love children and dogs.

  4. Men dumma tant! Jag förstår dig att den första känslan är att flytta, men oj vilken glädje och sorg på samma gång.

  5. So,so sad! We had Jack Russells when I was growing up - great dogs indeed. I do so hope you can find homes for them nearby so the children can visit. The comment about the dogs living outside is a great idea - the only thing would be the considerations for what to do when the Winter arrives. Your landlord is a jerk for not looking right into those beautiful doggy eyes and not seeing how adorable they are!!!

  6. Sending a very, very large hug your way. I am so very sad for what you are all going through.

  7. Your poor children. What a little heartbreak. A little dose of how unfair life can be. They are adorable though. Have fun while it lasts.

  8. Oooo, vilket snyftigt inlägg!! Det som till en början lät så underbart blev så ledsamt! Så söta hundvalpar och vilken seg tant!!!!!! Bit henne i benet!

  9. What a sad story - I so feel for you and for your children. It's so hard when you see your children so upset, I know. I do hope you can find a way round this.
    Jane x

  10. I feel so sorry for you all. They are adorable.
    Love and hugs,

  11. Oh no thats heartbreaking, i know i was devastated when our dog had to go, they seem to bring something very special to a home. Hope your little ones feel better soon, they always take things the hardest then seem to be the first to bounce back:) Silly landlord :(
    Karen x

  12. Isabel S./ Lisbon-PortugalJune 13, 2011 at 8:22 PM

    So, sad!!! I was like you, until my 3 children convince me... we have a Beagle now with 13 years. But he brought us so much happiness and joy all over the years... yr post make me cry! If I was you I would leave... specially "looking deep" in the photos you have posted I can see the true joy of yr children and how hard it must be for them to understand such a stupid and dumb decision of a jerk landlord...Sorry for the words but makes me angry!!!
    Good luck and hope you make the best decision, very should leave!!
    Love xxx

  13. oh god, such bitter sweet sadness! Im so sorry


  14. Oh Annette, when i saw the photos i instantly went awwww and to read further on i started to feel so sad for you all. To actually get them and be ready for them to be part of your family then to be told you cant keep them is truely awful. Could you not offer your lanlord a bit extra rent if you can keep them with the promise of making sure they dont chew the house to bits? I hope you find a solution and im so sorry your children have had to experience this.
    Sarah x

  15. Awful! I hate the fact that in a rented property the 'owner' gets to tell you what to do. (Despite the fact that you pay their mortage and they no more own it than you do.Half the time they are totally irresponsible as landlords too.) It makes me sick in fact. If I were you I would move, which is not easy; in fact it is incredibly difficult I know. I don't like animals kept outside - for me that is not a solution. I would make it clear that the Dictator's, sorry landlady's terms are un-acceptable. It is one of the huge downsides to not being able to get on the housing ladder in the UK. No one wants animals, yet I feel pets are wonderful and we should not be dennied that choice. Heart-breaking. I know you will find a solution. It's there, I know it is. xx

  16. Halkade in lite snabbt och orkade inte kommentera på engelska....
    Men herregud! Det är så det gör ont på en annan också...
    Hoppas på det bästa för er. (Röstar lite på en flytt):)


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