Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quilt with tape

I've been machine quilting this quilt in the ditch between the big 10 inch squares and I wanted to hand quilt crosses in every square. But I am running out of time. So machine quilting it has to be.

As the squares are so big it is difficult to get straight seams all the way through a square without having to mark the lines before. And I don't want to make marks on this quilt as I am unsure I will have time to wash it before I give it away. So I came up with the idea of using masking tape. Maybe I have read about it somewhere before or maybe not. I can't remember but I decided to give it go.

I let the sewing foot follow the edge of the masking tape.

The seam came out straight and nice after I ripped off the tape. I re-used my tape pieces multiple times. It worked great!

I am very pleased with the results. See how neat that is. Just the way I wanted. Now I only got binding and labeling left.

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  1. Oh what a clever idea Annette! One of the things that has put me off machine quilting is the marking, or else trying to keep straight lines.Plus I only have an ordinary machine without a quilting table.
    It looks beautifully neat, and I love the colours and fabrics you have chosen for this quilt!
    Thank you for sharing this tip!
    Gill xx

  2. Thats frigin genius!!!! I am making my second quilt (badly) for my mum and when i was machine stitching this one (my sandwhich layers) my stitching is a bit ropey and all over the show. I might get lots of masking tape and do the vertical stitches with this. Im not looking forward to the binding part!

  3. So clever, I would never have thought of using masking tape, the quilt is looking lovely.

  4. Well done Einstein that it utter genius.You are about to start a trend with that little chestnut.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Vilken bra idé! Den skall jag komma ihåg tills jag skall sy lapptäcke. Blir nog snart för jag har massor av tygrester

  6. Vilket fint täcke! Jag känner också igen den där idèn med tejp, men jag tror inte det var till ett lapptäcke eller jag kommer inte ihåg. Men en väldigt smart idé, helst för mig som är urusel på att sy rakt.

    Vi har haft sommarvärme med 30 grader här men sen försvann den och nu är det 13 grader igen. Vi hoppas bara att värmen hittar tillbaka igen.

    Ha det bra!

  7. Gorgeous and what a great trick! x

  8. oh what a wonderful idea! I must give it a go sometime!


  10. So clever! This will help so much
    Thank You for sharing this Hugh tip


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