Saturday, July 9, 2016

Detox before vacation

50g Rasberries, 50g Blueberries, a few strawberries, 1/2 medium sized banana, 50ml almond milk, 25-50ml water, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, pinch of fresh ground vanilla. Berries can be frozen or fresh.
Mix in NutriBullet or with hand mixer until smooth. Wait for 10-15 minutes for chia seeds to thicken before serving.

Salads, raw veggies, juices and hot lemon water. Jay and I have done a serious detox for 8 days, not only to loose some love handles for the beach season - which is obviously very welcome - no this has been a detox to get rid of inflammation after Jay had a knee surgery a few weeks ago and to kick some bad habits. It seems to work. His knee is getting better and he can now walk pretty good without suffering pain in the evenings, and I look more flattering in my swim wear. And those habits? Well, we have found out some truths about ourselves that we might not have admitted to before.

We have 2 more days to go with this special program and I can't wait to have a Starbucks Latte Grande once we get to the airport on Monday. I can't wait to have a nice grilled steak with some lovely salad and fresh veggies. I can only imagine how good it will taste.

It has been a bit of challenge. Of course. It is all about breaking habits. I imagined it being hard to resist carbs and sugary treats, but surprisingly what I've been craving for is meat. We have been joking about having a steak, how we could kill for a burger with extra everything. Spaghetti Bolognese. Having a muffin or piece of cake has not even entered my mind. Isn't that weird as I'm a total sucker for bakery treats?

I can now recognize hunger as a feeling for the first time in ages. I realize I eat of habit more than of hunger. I eat more of loving food than to just nurture myself. I eat a lot instead of just enough and I eat of comfort when I'm bored, restless, frustrated, sad, angry and stressed instead of dealing with those feelings.

Having a husband who is a professional top chef helps. Food never gets boring in this house even if it is restricted to certain foods and 1200 calories a day, accompanied only by loads of water throughout the day. The drinking water part is a big key to flushing out all those toxins we carry in our bodies. A normal day has looked something like this:

Hot lemon and ginger water

Baked Apple Blueberries Raisins and cinnamon

Green juice, my favorite has been Apple Carrot Lemon juice and Pear Kale Celery Lemon juice. Or low calorie smoothies like Raspberry Blueberry Banana Almond milk Chia seed and Cinnamon smoothie.

Green salad with choice of 3 raw vegetables or clear vegetable soup.

Green juice or smoothie.

Roasted vegetables or soup with salad. My favorite dinner was when the kids had tacos and we made tacos from lentils instead of meat. Served in a large Roman lettuce leaf with cucumber, corn, spring onions and peppers on top drizzled with tomato, lemon, cilantro salsa. Yum!

Herbal tea of choice.

Sometimes it is good to challenge yourself and regain control of your habits and body. I've learned something from this experience and even though we will indulge on our vacation in Sweden, as we always do, I will be more conscious about my daily choices and listen more to what my body actually needs, instead of what I want.

For the last couple of years I've added some stubborn weight and I keep on failing in my efforts on loosing them because I am not a diet girl. I love food way to much and I think food is one of the big pleasures in life. But after entering me 40's my metabolism has changed and it is harder to stay in shape. I've tried diets like LCHF, 5:2 and Paleo half heartedly but as I said, I just do it with half efforts and of course it doesn't work.

I"m all for enjoying food, and could never be the girl who pokes her food around on her plate just because she wants a flat belly. No, no... Life is to short for that, but I can love food in a healthy way and enjoy a little at the time instead of Super Sizing everything I put in my mouth. Having 1 portion is enough. 1 muffin is enough. And maybe I shouldn't have muffin, ice cream, cake and chips and wine with a 2 portion dinner on the same day. You know what I'm mean? Easy to say and preach - hard to live after. But I will do my best now when I've discovered some truths about myself that I didn't want to see before. She says, sipping her Hot Lemon Ginger Water dreaming about pancakes for breakfast. ;)

PS I'm not a nutritionist and if you try this based on only this blog post, I take no responsibility for what it will do for you. I am just a girl writing a journal on the web. Do your own research and find yourself a great program that will suit you if you want to do a detox. However, I can highly recommend this book: Detox Yourself by Jane Scrivner. I have done her detox 30 day program before and it works wonderful. This time we did a different kind of detox though, inspired by Reboot with Joe's 10-day Juicing plan.


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  1. I am trying to be healthier, I find it so hard but I may give some of your smoothies a try

  2. Your smoothie looks good! I've never thought to add almond milk instead of regular milk, will definitely try that next time. Well done on the detox.
    Zoe | floral and feather

  3. How brave to do a detox and for such a long period too! Your favourite morning smoothie sounds good. I have a Nutribullet too!

    Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

  4. Wishing lots of luck with the detox and have a lovely holiday, I'm trying to eat autoimmune paleo, but sometimes it's tricky
    Clare x

  5. Lovely post, your detox week sounds and looks good. Thank you!
    Have a lovely holiday!

  6. Your statement about not having all the "treats" in one day really hit home for me. I too have been halfheartedly trying to lose weight. I know for a fact though that I could never do the detox that you accomplished. Well done. Thanks for the smoothie recipe.

  7. Hi Annette,
    Glad to see that you have almost finished your detox, that steak is calling you. Be careful though a few weeks ago we sat down for dinner with a gorgeous fat steak and lovely mixed salad. After a few mouthfuls my partner got a chunk of steak caught in his windpipe which completely cut off his air ways. I had to call the ambulance as he had gone blue and was getting no air in. I couldn't shift the steak whatever I did, then he was starting to pass out. Luckily we live near the hospital and the paramedics were here quickly. Buy that time the emergency help line had told me what to do and I managed to get the mouthful out. It did scare minute you are enjoying your dinner, the next you could be dead!!!
    On that note enjoy your steak but chew it well!!! Have a lovely holiday.
    Hugs Julie xx

  8. By the way I used to do a detox diet but after about 6 weeks couldn't stand it any more. I always put the weight back on so I now do slimming world and you can have all the things you like as syns. I have lost a stone and a half and continue to loose and have treats at the weekend. You should try it.
    Hugs Julie xx

  9. Humm a cara dessa bebida esta muito bonita.Boa semana.Valéria.

  10. Smoothies is 'what's for lunch' for me this summer. Then trying to get the family on a cold dinner plan while it's super hot here (a challenge for sure) but you gotta keep trying. Best of luck!


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