Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Five great things today

Its been a rainy day today. And that equals restless kids inside the house... So I have to remind myself of five great things that happened today.

1. My landlord, Madame Debonneville (80+ but strong and young), helped me to plant new things in the garden as I have ripped out the Mange Tout (Sweet peas) and some head lettuce that were attacked by bugs. Thank you so much as I don't know anything about gardening.

2. The rain attacked in an instant and we had to run out in the "Niagara fall" and fetch all the toys, pillows and blankets that the kids play hut was made of in seconds. Good fun, good co-operation. Everyone got wet but the rain was warm and very nice. It made us all smile with rain drops falling down from our heads.

3. I managed to find time to dress the two small drawers of my Jewellery box with some pretty adhesive paper and it looks really pretty.

4. During a rain break I went on a bicycle ride with Luca and Emmy. We stopped for a snack (cookie) after five minutes and then we headed back home as Luca lost interest. But it was nice to sit there on a bench by the road, all three of us looking out over the fields.

5. Linn made a crumble cherry pie after dinner. Absolutely fab-fantastic! Will share the recipe and pics tomorrow. I now have to get myself a second helping... before the kids eat it all!


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