Friday, July 17, 2009

Great gifts from great friends

I have this wonderful Canadian family living on the corner of my street and in just a few days they won't be there anymore. I'm sad, devestated... They will leave a big empty spot inside of me as we have been like one big family for the last year. Our relationship has been one of a kind and I don't think I will ever find good people like them as neighbors again... We have enjoyed an endless amount of spontanious simple dinners (Its great to have dinner with friends on a week day. It kinda brings some spice to everyday living doesn't it?), day trips and most of all just this everyday checking in. Like "Hi, I'm going shopping in France, shall I pick something up for you?" or "Can you pick up my kid at school because I got an appointment with the dentist today?" or "Borrow my car if you need now when yours is at the mechanics." and so on. You get it. Everyday for noe year I have seen them, my kids run down to their place and walk in and out just like they do at home, and their kids are the same in my house. (Big sigh.............)

The Giroux family is leaving on Monday to move back to Canada after a year long teacher exchange program. They are now packing up, cleaning up and sorting out their belongings. And they have left some great furniture for me and I am so pleased! It is bitter sweet of course... But I am so excited aswell! The furniture will always have a sentimental value for me and remind me about all the good times we have had. That makes them even more precious. And I can't wait to put my hands on them to shape them up a bit.

The big wooden coffin will be a storage box to put toys, helmets and other play stuff inside ( I will probably dress it with a nice fabric inside...). The chairs I will shapen up with some pretty seating pads and have outside in the garden and the low table will become a great play table for the kids once I have thrown some paint on it. I really love the round little side table. I have been throwing eyes on that one for months I have to admit. Maybe I will paint it or just keep it worn and shabby as it is. I haven't decided yet. And this is not all. They also handed over a book shelf and a couple of bed side tables...

To the Giroux family - I got a piece of you right here in my heart forever and now I also have a piece of you all in my home. Love you, will miss you but we will meet again. Be so sure!

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