Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Amore!

It is Jay's birthday and school start, all in one day. The kids and I painted some ceramics as birthday gifts. Jay got very happy for his new cereal bowls and coffée mugs. Didn't the kids do a fantastic job? I think they did great!!!

And not only is it Jay's birthday. It is also time for school to start after 7 weeks of summer holiday. Yippie!!! (Am I the one jumping highest of joy, I don't know???).

Holidays are great... for about two weeks. After that the kids start to get frustrated, bored, there are no friends around and as a parent you turn into an entertainment machine. Exhausting. And all the fights, nagging, whining "That is mine!" She pushed me!" I had it first!" I hate you!". And all the demands " Can we have ice cream?" "Can I have a sweet?" "Are we having dessert?" Can I have a soda?" Can I buy a toy?"...

Thank God for school start. Back into routines of early dinners, bedtimes and awakenings. No more sweets and desserts 7 days a week. No more juice with dinner and no more baking cookies and crumble pies every other day. Now is the time for a new healthy living to start. Nutritious meals and healthy fruit snacks. Chores charts up and homework time, after school activities and most of all - time to catch up on my own routines of house chores and of course, a little bit of peace and quiet(finally). But today we will celebrate my dear husband with cake and cookies, balloons and presents, juice and sweets and everything else that comes with a party. Happy birthday Amore.

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