Saturday, August 8, 2009

Show time!

Anyone with a young girl in the family knows about the "Show time!" thing. In our house we have "Show time!" very often as Nelly LOVES to perform in shows that she has put together with Luca and Emmy. Or a friend. So "Show time!" it is. Tickets are sold (with pretend money, thank God. I use to charge REAL money when I was a kid. 10 öre/10 cents a ticket...) to family members and neighbors. Show starts at 5.30 pm - sharp! Right. Be there! Or...

No question about it - I have to give up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I planned (read "had") to do at this time, to watch this very unique and special show... Which one in order is it? The 28th??? And what is going to be different this time??? The music?

5.30 I am there in the garden. Chairs are dragged out for the audience. Syrup is made and served as refreshment. Tickets are collected by show members. The sun is baking and it is lovely. Everyone is chatting quietly, just like on a "real" show... The music starts and the show takes off with dance moves, acrobatics, tricks and funny stuff. And no matter how many shows I have watched, every show IS unique and special. And I AM enjoying it. Very very much. All my duties in the kitchen, laundry room or what ever it was, are forgotten for the moment. Viva "Show time!". Bring it on.

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