Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back home

Back from 4 days in England. Most of the time spent traveling as my best friend decided to get married not just in Land's End (it really is at the end of the world but still just in England...) but on the Isles of Scilly. A beautiful group of islands only accessable through either 3 1/2 hours on a wiggly ferry or a somewhat pricy 20 minute helicopter ride. I did it both as the helicopter to the wedding was cancelled because of bad weather, and you can only imagine what the ferry ride was like... in bad weather... although the sea was calm (CALM???). I had the pleasure of going with the helicopter back though. Really nice, but noisy. I could easily get used to it. What an easy way of traveling. So, not easy to get there but well worth the effort.

The wedding was great with lots of champagne, laughter, dramas, dancing, story telling, good company, fabulous food. And the bride was beautiful. And smily, and crazy, and giggly, and dramatic, and crying and laughing - a lot! Quoting the first verse of the poem I wrote to the wedding couple:

A beautiful dress,
on a beautiful girl.

In a beautiful place,
in this beautiful world

I had a lovely time and I am still smiling. And I didn't miss the kids at all, just a little bit sometimes... But a few games with the other guests kids (wearing high heals and short dress) including walking like an elephant, dancing like angels and of course pretending to be a race car, did comfort my longing heart.

This fabulous wedding has added another handful (at least!!!) good stories to tell when I meet up with my Swedish girlfriends next time. And by the way, you can't take pictures of the stars with a digital camera. I tried... after many glasses of champagne and other intoxicating liquids. It's good to make a fool of yourself sometimes!

And so they lived happily ever after... To Anna & Mike - big kiss!

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  1. Fantastiskt trevligt att du kom iväg dit och att det verkade vara värt mödan (och pengarna!) jag är glad för din skull, tycker att du var väldigt fin på bilden i den klänningen, gillade lilla citatet och känner igen leken du pratar om! :) //Linn


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