Sunday, September 13, 2009

So what do I do now?

I got my sewing machine. But now I am kind of stuck in my creativity. Where do I start? What do I want to make?

Before I brought home my machine I had big plans and ideas of quilts, wall decorations, bags, clothing for the kids, christmas advent calendars, aprons... But now I just look at the machine and wonder "Where do I start?".

I guess I should go out to find some fabric first. To get inspired I mean. So I searched the engines for "svenska tyger" (swedish fabric) and bumped into an interesting blog written by a Swede living in Australia, Lilla Barn. And from that blog I clicked into other inspiring blogs and the creative black out started to loosen up a little bit. If they can create I can do it too.

I wish I had a week of non stop time without interuption so I could really get started. But that is not gonna happen so I guess I have to make a time plan and let go of house and home, kids and cooking for a week and focus on this - my creative corner - and really GET STARTED!

It won't kill the kids to have pasta all week would it? It won't kill them if they have to play on their own a bit more than usual, would it? And it won't kill either me or anyone else in this family if the house stays untidy and a bit messy for a week or so... Would it?

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