Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Herb harvest

Autumn arrived as soon as all kids went back to school. The temperature has dropped a bit and it is windy and chilly in the air. And with autumn comes the end of many things we have grown in our garden. Such as the herbs.

Those tiny small plants we planted in spring grew big as bushed and Jay decided it was time to hang some in our attic to dry. And once again we feel blessed to have such a wonderful, big old fashion farm house. This house is made to take care of a big vegetable garden's produce with its big attic and cave (cellar). Here are some inspiring pics from when Jay harvested the basil, rosemary, terragon, parsley and thyme... And that big bunch of basil Emmy is holding is now no less than 10 family portions of deliscious pesto in the freezer, ready to throw in a pasta on a cold winter day. Simple and cheerful. And yummy too!

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