Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rainy day in pictures

The other day started rainy. Continued to be rainy and ended rainy. But it was a colourful and happy rainy day. When you count your precious moments any day could be a happy day.

Started my Creative Scrapbook. Cutting, pasting, drafting, coloring...

I am a plant killer ( no matter how hard I try everything green I touch dies...) and I almost killed my Geranium flowers recently. But after a saving act (called "water the plants" - so simple and so hard for me to remember...) from dear husband they are actually picking up and starting to get flowers again. Yippi!

Baked a tiger sponge cake. I love to whisk egg and sugar. I always make extra as all kids wants some "egg toddy" (that is what we call it in Swedish) and me too. Yum!

Emmy insisted on wearing her worn out favorite "princess shoes" in the rain. They are ready for the bin though, I have to admit, but still so cute. A 2 dollar bargain at a market this summer.

Lunch pick up time at school was a colorful inspiration on a rainy day.

And Luca was very happy to be picked up in the car.

Beautiful pumpkins in different shapes and sizes at the neighbours front yard. So gorgeous when wet from the rain.

More pumpkins! Look at the colours. Amazing!

Emmy drawing while I find inspiration on blogs.

Started on a beanie hat for Nelly.

Ain't that a nice day?

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