Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sleeping problems

Breakfast is a bit of a stressful time in my house. Three kids between ages 2 and 8 needs to get dressed, fed, tooth brushed and brought to school (not Emmy though, she hangs out with me all day. that's why I never get anything done!)...

My daughter Nelly (8) has suffered from sleep problems for quite some time now. It started with her watching Michael jackson's Thriller video at a friends house and ever since she can't fall asleep on her own. Luckily she shares her room with her brother Luca and they sleep in a bunk bed. So for about six weeks now Luca crawls up in her bed or she sneaks in to his. But it is kind of getting out of control. They giggle, play games, tickles and mess around and falling asleep never occurs before 10pm. Bedtime is a struggle.

After laying down next to Nelly to make her feel comfortable (not a good idea in the long run), doing affirmations like "This is my bed. I am safe here. Nothing can hurt me. I can sleep comfortably and Mama and Papa are just next door..." and talking about the music video, trying to explain it is not real (which she understands but the image of Jacko with the yellow eyes still remains in her mind, of course) to mention some things we have tried to help her overcome her fear, we still have not been successful. So last night I changed the night light into an old one she used to have when she was younger. A bright red heart lamp that lights up the room quite a lot. I would prefer to have less light as you tend to sleep better in the dark, but you know what? She fell asleep! On her own. Without fuss! And slept all night!

So at breakfast this morning I am filling up bowls with cereal, toasting bread and all that stuffa nd when I come to sit down for my cup of tea with the kids I find this. Isn't that just adorable? A quick translation as it is in Swedish (and very much spelled in a nNelly way) the note says:

Correct Swedish:
"Tack Mama du har provat att hitta en lösning. Från Nelly" with hearts

In English:
"Thank you Mama for trying to find a solution. From Nelly (with hearts)"

Can you have a better start than that? I love you sweet heart!

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