Monday, November 30, 2009

Blog face lift

Yes you are still visiting My Rose Valley. I know she is changing colors and fonts and blog headers and templates over and over again. I know it might be confusing. But now after a few months of being in the blog world I am starting to find my place and so I decided to undress my blog. Completely strip off My Rose Valley to her bones and give her a more sophisticated, classic, Scandinavian style. So here she is. Light, fresh, stylish and holding her head up high a little bit. Maybe even a bit posh in some peoples eyes. But who knows. One day she may fall back into the pots of colors and start to mess around, rub herself in orange, blue, pink and green. Go gypsy crazy. Or dramatic and arty black. She is a bit like that, you see. If she gets bored she wants a make over. But for now, My Rose Valley is very happy with how she looks now.


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