Sunday, July 25, 2010

Camping in the garden

We used to go on camping trips when I was a kid. Usually we had a big caravan of some kind but every now and then we set up tents as well. The best was when we put up the tent in the garden and I could have sleep overs there with my girl friends. If we got scared (read when we got scared) we could safely sneak back in to our beds, safe and comfortable knowing mom and dad are next door sleeping too.

You might know by now that I like to go through trash and find treasures. My last visit to the trash station contained a lot of great finds that I showed you in this post, but I didn't tell you about the tent.

Yes, I found a tent. People looked at me funny at the time when I half in and half out (see feet waving in the air as I almost fell in trying to reach the tent bag...) of the big trash container, digged it out and put it in the boot of my car.  I brought it home and thought "If it is broken I just bring it back again.". Said and done. Today was a perfect day to set up a tent in the garden. But how on earth do you put it up? Where is the manual?

There was a lot of cursing, sweat and frustration but I figured it out. And believe it or not, the tent is hardly used and absolutely complete with all pins, strings and sticks available. Like new! And I am so proud that I managed to put it all together. Without instructions, help or alcohol (for some reason it seems to be tradition to always have some alcohol poured down your throat while putting together a tent...). I am a damn smart woman.

It has two "bedrooms" and room for play in the middle.

Quickly toys were brought out together with pillows and blankets.

A table set up and some snack served. Why do people throw away fully functioning things? I just don't understand that. If the weather is nice on tuesday I will have a sleep over there with my crazy wonderful kids.



  1. Hi Annette, love your tent !! we have been thinking of buying one just like this .Lucky you finding it for free :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Du är en envis en! Inte lätt att sätta ihop ett tält. Men skam den som ger sej!!

    Vi brukade ha ett tält i mormors trädgárd, dit släpade vi en massa saker och lekte i hela sommaren, eller tills tvestjärtarna hade tagit över!

    Ni har en sán härligt grön och skön sommar hos er, mycket likt en svensk sommar, eller hur?

    vi har faktiskt inte haft sá varmt( ännu) som vi brukar men det är torrt och sönderbränt, fast det är ju en del av charmen här.

    Gillar din hylla, den kommer att bli mycket bra!

  3. Amazing how wasteful some people can be. But the bonus is for you and the kids - yeah!!


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