Friday, July 30, 2010

Cabinet make over - Part 2

One of the doors before a coat of base and after. What a difference some paint can make.

Slowly I am getting there. Finding an hour here and there, the energy and possibility to disappear for a while, gearing up with gloves and all to do my spackling, sanding and painting.  And to clean up after myself.

And with some help from Emmy Bo I am getting even closer to the finish line, not speedy but... hey, she was so happy to help out. What can you do? Look at her! She is a pro!

Drawers, bottom piece and doors are now all coated with some base paint. I have spackled all the cracks and old holes.

Next session I will start with the real paint. This blue. What do you think?



  1. Gosh lOVE that blue, your cabinet is going to be sooo special. Actually, I think you have the Cabinet Of My Dreams there, it's wonderful.
    Lovely to visit with you, and thank you for leaving sucha lovely funny comment on my Granny Stripe post, you made me laugh!! I am High on colour combos indeed!!!! :o)

  2. Pretty blue! Can't wait. Are you going to leave the trim white?

  3. Den finaste av alla färger är blá och denna blá är ljuvlig!


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