Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vintage stripe baby blanket

VOILA! And off we go to the Mediterranean waters, Mallorca, in just a few days. The colours of this blanket has already brought me there in my mind.
Lazy days by the pool in a gorgeous Finca hotel... look here. Visiting friends from the years we lived there. Wine, tapas, laughter and late hot nights. Spanish Mañana... Can't wait.

The vintage stripe baby blanket is finished. Measuring small 68 x 68 cm (27 x 27 inches).

Perfect for the pushchair or the car seat. Small and neat. Or for my trash station chair find.

I was considering changing the border to blue colour, but as the blue yarn was all gone I couldn't bother to drive to the store, stand in line and buy the blue yarn... Just for a border. Naaah. This goes just as well. I am very happy.

And roses, lots of roses around now.

The neighbours have pretty roses.

Another neighbour has even more pretty and lovely smelling roses.

And I have roses on my new storing boxes. Because I am a plant killer. I dream of a lovely rose garden but that is never going to happen. I keep it to the roses in print in my house.

Like on the girls PJ's. So cute. Wish there had been one for me aswell.



  1. Ahh.. ungefär sådär har jag tänkt att mina nyplanterade rosor ska se ut framåt sensommaren... eller om tjugo år *s*

    Filten är underbar. Blev jättefint med den gröna kanten :))

    Ha det super på Mallis!

  2. Your baby blanket is gorgeous. I absolutely love those colors together! Isn't it so satisfying to finish a project like that and have it turn out so well? Well done.

    Those roses are really pretty. We don't see roses that prolific in Texas. It's just to hot. They bloom and are pretty for one or two days before they burn up in the hot sun. I could stare at those pictures all day. So pretty.

    Have a marvelous vacation! Drink some red wine for me...

  3. I just added myself as a Follower. I thought I already was, but I didn't see myself there. Sorry about that! Now my silly picture is there.

    I don't think anybody knows that is not a serious picture of me. It's one of those pictures you can make of yourself wearing different celebrity's hair styles! That one happens to be Gwen Stefani's hair. hee-hee.

  4. The blues & greens of your blanket are so vivid -- simply beautiful!

    And the roses?! -- I'm glad to see that there are others that can only enjoy (& unable to grow) such beauties. Phew. I don't feel so bad....your rose boxes are the next best thing!

  5. Blommor är väl egentligen det vackraste som finns?
    Rosorna dina är ju underbara. Just rosmönstrat tyg och mormorsrutor blir bra ihop.

    Medelhavsfilten är ljuvlig och jag hade inte haft nágot emot att áka till Mallis och bo pá det hotelet.
    Min man är lite av den "enkla" typen , sá för honom är det naturen som gäller. Camping är inte helt fel och vi har ju vár volkswagen-buss med alla "bekvämligheter". Men ibland tycker jag nog att hotel är skönt.
    vi kan liksom aldrig áka till en stad pá semester (typ weekend i Marrakesh) utan att bestiga närmaste berg först.

    Vilka fynd du har gjort i ditt tidigare inlägg. Här finns ingen loppiskultur, átminstone inte här i södern.
    Marknad finns varje dag, men det är nya saker av tveksam kvalité. Och riktigt tidigt kan man, om man nu vill det, köpa stulna saker.
    Sen finns en hel del antikaffärer men dom är sá dyra.....

  6. Jättefin babyfilt i medelhavsfärger. Du har ju verkligen lyckats få fram känslan av medelhavet. Härligt! /Anki


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