Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7 things about me - award

I received an Award from Clara's Crochet Room the other day. It made me very happy and proud.  So here are 7 facts about me you probably didn't know:

1. I have a very bizarre love and fascination for laundry drying outside. There is something magic to watch clothes moving in the wind on a clothes line.

2. I wanted to become a female truck driver when I was a girl. I was amazingly impressed by the smell and noise from the breaks on these big vehicles and thought it would be the coolest to be a girl in the world of boys. Later I became a courier for DHL delivering parcels and letters driving my own delivery car.

3. At the age of 16 I saw a hockey player called Ciccarelli on TV and fell crazy in love with the fabulous Italian last name. Little did I know I would meet  a third generation italian-american guy 14 years later, marry him and become Mrs Ciccarelli. True and cute.

4. I love cream. I can eat it, drink it and never have enough of it. And my childhood nickname was Maja Gräddnos (Maya Creamy Nose).

5. In the mid 80's I had the worst mullet hair do, wore pink and purple make up, adored Michael Jackson, Kajagoogoo and Prince. My walls were wallpapered with these popstars and I couldn't stop playing and singing along to Purple Rain and Billy Jean on the loudest volume for weeks. Driving my Mum mad? Ohhh yes.

6. I never read news or watch them on TV. My husband informes me when neccessary (like 9/11, Tsunami etc) as I just can't handle all the bad things in the world - it makes me depressed.

7. I am always in crisis; dating crisis, single's crises, 30's crises, motherhood crises (never ends...), kids crises, friendship crises, family crises, style crises, crochet crises, what to do with life and everything crises...  Life is a big crises and at 40 I have come to the conclusion that it is okay and I like it because at least my life constantly changes and grows through these crisis.

And now I have to send this award off to 15 (!!!!) other great blogs and ask them to tell me 7 things I didn't know about them... Hmmm.

Okay, listen. I am going to be lazy, right. I'll do four and I have picked them very carefully. These are my top notch ones, and I am very curious about these inspiring blog owners that has had such a great impact on me. So come on fellow bloggers, tell me about yourself.

IA Nyckelpiga


Attic 24

Sarah London


  1. Hej!
    Tack så jättemycket! Att bli placerad brevid såna proffs gör mej lite rörd faktiskt :))
    Har dock slutat posta awarder... om du kikar i mitt arkiv så hittar du nog ett par stycken där jag svarat på massor av frågor om mej själv ;)

    Ha en bra dag!!

  2. Great job Annette. It was fun to read your fact list!

  3. Alltsá, Tack för utmärkelse och tänka att jag finns hár tillsammans med de allra största, häftigt!
    jag ságer som MiA att jag har slutat att La´gga upp dom pá bloggen. men om du vill läsa lite kolla pá "Annat" i mina etiketter.

    jag lägger till en grej dá jag gillade att du redan hade en "knytning" till Ciccarelli.

    Jag bestámde mej som 9-áring ( dá vi var pá semester pá Mallis) att jag skulle gifta mej med en rik spanjor som bodde nära havet.
    Min man är spanjor, bor nära havet, men rik....?
    OK, rik pá spanska är rico och betyder för utom rik, god, härlig.... Och det är ju inte sá dumt det heller.


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