Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crochet depression & sewing discovery

My arm is still "broken" (not physically broken but inflamed from to much computer work and crochet). And I am snappy, snippy, short tempered and miserable. Like an addict on withdrawal...

My projects are resting peacefully in my crochet bag together with the hook. Just staring at me... And THAT makes me even more sad and frustrated. So what can you do when you are NOT allowed to crochet or really use your working arm?

Everything bad brings something good. I have taken out my sewing machine (I have had this machine for about a year now without actually using it...) as an alternative outlet for my creativity. And I am blown away by how much fun it is. How quickly my projects evolve compared with the crochet. And a long held dream of making a simple square quilt has now finally started its journey to reality.

I have ordered books and ready cut 5" squares (to save my arm from cutting) and will make a quilt for this (ugly) chair. And of course I have spent sometime surfing the Internet for inspiration, left hand surfing (takes longer than normal) and here are some inspiring pictures I found for my new exciting project in mind.

Found at Film in the Fridge.

 Another one from Film in the Fridge.

 And this from FitF Etsy shop.

And I just love these over at RoseHip. And actually everything she does over at Rosehip is fantastic, colourful and extremely inspiring.

And to go more advanced I found these at Teeny Tiny Quilts.

And last but not least - I got an AWARD! From Clara's Crochet Room! Thank you so much. I will get back on that task later on. Now it is time for Sunday fun with kids. Last day before school starts and sun is shining.


  1. Ajajaj... stackare! Tur du hade nåt annat kreativt i bakfickan ;)

  2. Bonjour Annette,
    Je t'écris en français puisque tu m'as dit que tu le lisais facilement, et pour moi ce n'est pas facile de tout dire en anglais. L'autre fois, tu disais que tu avais mal au bras, sûrement à force de faire beaucoup de crochet et d'ordinateur. Je trouve un peu bizarre, parce que tout de même, il faudrait que tu en fasses de manière vraiment intensive. Il semble que tu aies une tendinite, inflammation du tendon.
    J'ai eu ça quand j'ai construit ma maison (en bois) : clouer des planches toute la journée pendant des jours et des jours, et en plus dans le froid de l'hiver.
    Si ça t'intéresse, je me suis servi d'un médicament naturel : l'huile essentielle de romarin (Rosmarinus officinalis), 10 gouttes dans 10 ml d'huile de noisette (fait très bien pénétrer les huiles essentielles dans les tissus) que l'on trouve dans les alimentations bio. En massages plusieurs fois par jour. C'est très efficace, ça calme bien la douleur.
    Mais bien sûr, il faut aussi reposer le bras qui travaille trop.
    Bon rétablissement.

  3. So glad you have remembered your sewing machine. Sometimes that is what we all need -- a good change. Don't forget, you can always add crochet borders and embellishments.

  4. Thanks for the very sweet mention -- I can't wait to see your quilt!

    Beata from rose hip
    P.S. It seems like you live in an absolutely enchanting corner of the world -- lucky you!!


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