Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crochet WiP's

I am getting there. Distracted by a visit from my brother and his family and a million other projects on my hands, I am getting there and loving it.

It is so satisfying to mix and match my 20 different colours and I am joining my mini granny squares as I go. Love love love my gypsy mini squares.

And this is my other WiP. Another vintage stripe baby blanket for a friend expecting her third boy any day now.

As this family dresses classy in Ralph Lauren and GAP most of the time I thought classy colours would be a perfect choice. But right now I ran out of my pale blue and my store has closed for  vacation... Well, I guess I have to wait until the 16th to continue this WiP and meanwhile I can focus on my gypsy-tipsy-blitzy-trixie project. Yeeeeaaah!


  1. Otroligt fina båda två :))

  2. I Love That Afghan!!! How did you do that???

    ~ Susan

  3. Wow Annette,both these projects are looking great !!
    Jacquie x

  4. Loving the colours in your gypsey blanket

  5. they both look great! I really love the colors you're using together in the vintage stripe baby blanket

  6. Loving all the colours!!


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