Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flea market in L'Isle

Last weekend Jay came home from a bicycle ride to inform me he had seen a great big flea market only 15 minutes from our home. I instantly jumped in the car to go and check it out. It was located in the beautiful village L'Isle (pronounce it Lil) right by the river and here in the French speaking part of Switzerland they call the flea markets Brocante.

See how pretty that is.

The Brocante was under the theme Vintage, Collectibles and Antiques. I should have taken a picture of the poster but with short time on my hands I got carried away and just went in there.

It must have been at least 80 stands lined up in the big parc area by the water.

I found a bunch of vintage bed linen that I thought could come in handy in my process of learning how to quilt. 20 dollars for the whole bunch.

And a bag of embroidery wool yarn (DK weight) that originally was for a beautiful embroidery picture. I brought the whole lot with me home for only 10 dollars, leaving the embroidery picture by the stand as I don't really do needle point. I see a granny square project coming on sometime in the faaaaar future with these beautiful autumn colours. A bit bitter sweet as I would love to make a square right now but I just got to wait a bit longer.

And then I found this one. Actually they had another one that I really wanted but someone bought it when I got distracted by the neighbour stand (bummer!). But this one is also great. I love my new sewing chest (is that what you call it?). It is a little bit beat up right now but I can fix it up.

I love the many drawers that comes out and the little pouch underneath. And the best part... Only 20 dollars. The other one that was slightly bigger was 50 dollars so I am very pleased with my bargain. I wish I had bought more... It was a great flea market visit.



  1. Oj, vilken härlig loppis! Dom är så fina de där syborden. Och jättefina tyger fick du också tag på. Jag var på loppis i lördags och fick en stor påse med blandat garn för 100 kr, kanske nåt att blogga om...

    Nu har jag fått min overlock, och den är helt outstanding, ska man sy i stretch så är det helt klart värt det, snabbt och snyggt.

    Du verkar bo i en sådan vacker bygd, ser så himla fint ut.

  2. Läckert syskrin du fick tag på!

  3. Åh, ett sådant syskrin har jag velat ha tag på i evigheter! :) Grattis, vilket fynd! Loppmarknader är allt bra härliga!
    Ja, visst är det svårt att låta bli handarbetandet, trots att man vet att man nog inte borde. Jag försöker ta det lugnare än jag hade gjort annars, men kanske inte lugnt nog då inflammationen inte ger med sig. Deprimerande!

  4. What a lovely beautiful place L'isle looks. I like the river and the flowers. They bring back good times.

  5. Wow, that sewing stand is a great find and bargain for $20.00. You're very lucky.


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