Monday, October 25, 2010


Everyone has seen a cow, right. But not everyone has seen such happy cows.

I think Switzerland have the happiest cows ever. Considering them munching away on the alp tops in the summer...

With fantastic views

And dramatic landscape around, the green and lush grass and the fantastic flowers to spice up their meal.

Being able to hide in the shade under the apple trees.

And they are not just cows you know, they are pretty too.

Especially when they get decorated for the special "go -down-the mountain-at-the-end-of-the-summer" parade. This happened a couple of weeks ago but I still feel it is worth to share.

I just love these hairy cows. Adorable and very cuddly.

And they are friendly (although I am a bit hesitant as they also are big...) and Jay who is friends with all animals, enjoys feeding them apples at times.  And those big bells, the ding ding ding sound from the bells is luuvely.

This was my cow collection. I really like cows.



  1. Those baby cows are tooo cute! Seeing all these cows reminded me of where I used to work a few years ago. The office was out in the middle of nowhere in the country and there was a farm just up the road that ALWAYS had the same cow escaping. The road I used to drive down was very twisty and turny and you had to be so careful as you would almost end up driving into the said cow! (I only had a little Renault Clio at the time and it would have been curtains for my car if I had ever hit that cow not to mention I would have been devastated for the cow!) He was a huge beast too - all brown and white like the one you pictured - that's what made me remember!! Lol xxx

  2. What a lovely pictures. The landscape is beautiful. I also like the heary cows. I have never seen them before. They are cute.

  3. Vilka härliga bilder, vilka vyer, det är annat än granskogen här hemma....


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