Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aligning squares

I've been aligning my squares and that is not an easy job. It is actually really difficult getting the center precise and perfect.

When I decided to make this doll quilt, made out of 64 2.5 inch squares, I wanted to piece them together four and four instead of in rows. Just to try something different and learn from the experience. Ironing is really important I've come to realise as I started out by ironing the seam to one side as I've done before.

But the center just didn't align. Slightly off no matter how hard I tried to get it perfect.

So I tried with pressing the seam open instead.

And VOILA! Look at that! Perfect center every time! It might be a coinsident that it worked better with open seams. I don't know what is right or wrong. Maybe there aren't any righ or wrong... And by the way. If I make another doll quilt like this I will make it in rows, so much easier. Because I kept on messing it up with the combinations, keeping track of the groups of fours, which one is coming next... It is good I took a picture of the layout before I got started otherwise I would have definetely failed.

But they do look kinda nice just like this my squares. Eye candy if nothing else.



  1. I sometimes find that if my squares have been cut just slightly off square then I too have trouble with seams aligning - that and my rubbish 1/4" seams!!! lol!

  2. Hey Annette, I really like the way you show to us your learning process and experiences. Very helpful! And I can already see this will become a beautiful blanket... again ;-)
    Love, Maaike


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