Sunday, December 19, 2010

My friend's hidden quilt

I went to a friends house to pick up Nelly from a birthday sleep over and I got happily surprised when she showed me this quilt on top of their beds.

She said it was a wedding gift her sister gave about 10 years ago and she never really liked it. But after seeing me doing my small quilts and getting inspired by my crochet work and other handmade stuff in my house she decided to dig it out from the attic and put it to use. How can someone NOT love this quilt, I wonder...

It was found in an antique thrift store and the quilt itself looks really authentic and old to me. The fabric used looks like they are from the 20s or 30s and they all seem to be recycled from clothing, I can imagine some dresses, blouses and skirts there... Some pieces are tearing and it has probably been washed a hundred times as it is barely holding together and it is soooooooo soft and thin. And oooh so pretty!

I am so happy my friend has brought this quilt back to life in her home. It really deserves it. And maybe I can help her to mend those broken small pieces one day, although I don't know anything about how to mend an old antique quilt. But I could of course find out. And I think my friend has changed her mind about this quilt since I ooooohhhhed and aaaahhhed when she showed it to me. She says she actually likes it after all. Well, at least I asbolutely extremely just adore it. Isn't it gorgeous?



  1. What a great quilt! a real tresure!!

  2. This is stunning! The spirit of the woman who painstakingly made this quilt will be smiling knowing that it is being used and loved again!

  3. Ooooh , it is stunning. The darker squares where the rings join are so effective.
    So nice that your friend has changed her mind about this handmade treasure :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. Åh, det är verkligen jättevackert! Och ett avancerat lapptäcke också.

    Härligt med familj hos er, men jag förstår stressen. Det har tagit några år att spara ihop alla tygerna, och som du ser så har jag många i gröna och bruna nyanser. Jag hade tänkt göra ett i varje färg. Men nu vet jag inte längre, det kanske blir kläder eller väskor av en del. Jag har tänkt prova sy necessärer och väskor nu till julkklappar. Jag som aldrig sytt dragkedjor men det kan ju inte vara så svårt?(vilket också är mitt motto)Nåja det svaret får man ju i slutändan ändå....Hur jag ska hinna? Äsch, vi tar mitt andra motto- det ordnar sig alltid! Hihihi. Spännande att få se lapptäcket sen.

    Ha det bra!
    Kram Camilla

  5. Oj - vilket vackert lapptäcke!!

    Önskar dej och familjen en riktigt GOD JUL!!

  6. What a gem... 'Hope you're having a great Christmas holiday!

  7. Hej Annette... yes, Sweden. My brother lives in Örebro and we have a fritidshus in between Karlstad and Örebro. But we are stuck in snow now, in a hotel in Jönkoping. We will travel on by tomorrow.

    Where in Sweden are you from?

    Lovely Christmas I hope it was for you and your family?


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