Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back with Mr Hook!

To start with  THANK YOU ALL - for your sweet supporting comments regarding Emmy's surgery yesterday. All went well. Lots of tears and fear from Emmy and lots of comforting, cuddling, singing, rocking, holding and calming from me. It is now over and she did very well. She got to infected glands on her eye lids removed and surgery took about 30 minutes. The toughest part is always to put the child to sleep and the time after surgery when they wake up. And even if I have done this several times as my son was born with a cleft palate I never seem to get used to the procedure... This time it was even a bit more hard as she couldn't see anything after surgery and that made her freak out. But like I said, all went well and today she is back in daycare. :D

And back to creative business. So finally I can do some crochet again. It has taken a loooooong time to get back with Mr Hook and I am sure not to spoil it again. I am only hooking a couple of days a week and for short periods, think 5-10 minute sessions, at the time. But my oooh my, am I happy???

So delighted to be able to take out this project that has been resting quietely for a good 5 months. My dear Gypsy Blanket. I am a bit rusty though. Had almost forgotten how to make a granny square. How do I start again?

I make small "toads" in a bunch of colors. Then I add on the next row to the "toads". And then I add a third row and join in the square randomly in a place where it fits nicely in the blanket.

I am not sure how big this blanket will be. Time will tell. It is a slow project. A delightful slow colorful project. And it calms me. Balances me. Inspires me and makes me incredibly happy and satisfied. Crochet should really be a part of a recovery program for stressed out people.



  1. I am very happy for Emmy all went well, and the gypsy looks adorable! That therapy does indeed sound good...
    Love, Maaike

  2. So pleased to hear that all has gone well for Emmy. your blanket looks lovely!

  3. What a lovely blanket. Good to hear that Emmy's surgery went well. It's allways difficult for parents to leave their kids in the hands of someone who operates. (I hope this is normal English);-)

  4. Vad roligt att du äntligen kan virka igen! :)

  5. oj, oj vad härligt att vara igång igen! Det kommer bli en jättefin filt tror jag. Det är verkligen rofyllt att virka. Och i början kan man undra vad ska det bli av det här? Men sen sakta men säkert växer det fram nåt vackert. jag har en virkning på gång, en sjal som är virkad av lm och stolpar, en trekant men när jag i början av den skulle ta in kanterna gjorde jag nån Camilla-variant så det blev inte så snyggt. Det värsta är ju att jag vet ju hur man minskar! Jag får kanta den snyggt när den blir klar.

    Skönt att det gick bra med operationen.

  6. Very happy your girl is home safe and sound. What a gorgeous blanket! Love it!

  7. So glad all went well . Your blanket is gorgeous Annette, so pleased you can crochet again :0)
    Jacquie x

  8. Skönt att höra att allt gick bra. Håller verkligen med om att det är själva sövandet som är det värsta!
    Super fin filt.. Har virkat en filt med mormorsrutor en gång i tiden, men den blev helt sne och skev. Din ser ju otroligt proffig ut!

  9. So glad your daughter is all done with the surgery. Such a worry for you.

    You can post this project on my new Crafty Links page for everyone to have a look.

  10. I am so happy for you Annette! Finally back to hooking:-)
    You must be overjoyed!
    Much love
    Christine RT

  11. Ohh that blanket!!! Soooo beautiful!

  12. How absolutely adorable!
    I love your technique and would like to try it myself.
    I am new to crochet, and have not yet joined granny squares. Your method sounds fabulous!

  13. Notes Of Sincerity:

    Dear Trish! Thanks for popping by my place. SO happy you dropped a line and liked my crochet work and so happy to have found you over here. Love your triangle quilt. I have a plan for triangels, eventually. So many other projects in my head aswell. If I only had more time, I often say. Maybe I will make a little tutorial on how I put my squares together. It is really easy peasy. Attic 24 (I see you follow her blog - she is fab for beginners and I've learned so much from her!) actually has a tutorial on how to join granny squares as you go. The only difference is that my grannies have three chain stitches in each corner, she makes two. Good luck! I'll be in touch.


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