Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I got an award. The Stylish Blogger Award. I am so flattered and really touched by the words Maaike at Crejjtion wrote about me. She wrote this in her "nomination":

Annette is from Sweden and lives in Switzerland now. Her enthousiasm about all sorts of crafts is in every corner of the Rose Valley. I love that pure craft need. Since she is not allowed to crochet for a while, she was flexible enough to switch to quilting. I adore that. And although she is just a beginner, her quilts are already of a quality I can only dream of. Lovely traditional designs and colours, with clear descriptions of the making off and all that comes along with that. Go and visit the Rose Valley for some colour cheer-up and don't forget to click the label crochet. The blue-red-green-white babyboy blanket is my favorite.

Thank you so much Maaike. My job is now to share 7 things about myself. A while ago I shared these 7 things after receiving the Versatile Blogger Award from Clara's Crochet Room, and here comes 7 more:

1. I was born and raised north of Stockholm, Sweden.
2. I moved abroad in 2001 after a quick, crazy decision to marry a great American/Italian guy I met on my travels in Seychelles. It shows the decision was a good one. 10 years down the road we have three kids and are still going strong.
3. Since moving abroad I have lived in Australia, New Zealand, Colorado USA, Mallorca Spain and now Switzerland.
5. I used to write poems as a young girl.
6. I hated turning 30 and I loved turning 40. :D
7. I love windows. It is something very charming with windows.

And my next job is to pass this award on to 15 other bloggers in blogland, but that is not going to happen. I could give this award to every blog a daily visit as you are all so important and inspiring to me but... But I have chosen to give this award to following bloggers to make it simple and quick:

Beata over at Rosehip. I love how brave she is in her way of mixing prints and colors. Her creations are amazing and I just can't stop looking at her blog. As simple as that! Just have a look at her extremely beautiful vintage pillowcases with a crochet trim on. Or her colorful quilt throws. This woman really is unique in her style.

Miss Kitty Kat over at Pink Friday. Because her blog makes me happy. Miss Kitty Kat designs kids clothes, paints and recycles pretty much anything she can put her hands on and turns it into a beauty with color and fabric. I love her childish way of expressing herself in her interior design. This blog is in Swedish only... but needless to say great eye candy and to anyone who loves colors and retro stuff.

And Amy over at Diary of a Quilter. I am sure she has tons of awards already but I just want to thank her for being so generous in her tutorials and sharing her experiences in quilting. I wouldn't be able to make what I make today if I hadn't found her blog. Fantastic place for anyone, aspiring or professional quilter. And also, she seems to be such a sweet and nice girl. For you who wants to learn from scratch about quilting, she has a great step-by-step tutorial about everything from tools needed, how to choose fabric, cut pieces, piece it together etc. You will find the link in her right hand column.

Well enjoy visiting some of my favorite bloggers for the moment and have a really wonderful day.


  1. Congratulations!
    I am new to your blog but I already love it. Now I will pay a visit to the blogs that you suggest, I am sure that i will find plenty of inspiration there too.

  2. Vad fint hon skrev om dig! Och jag tror att fler än jag håller med henne. Det är otroligt spännande att följa dig och din blogg.


  3. Hej
    På mina favoriter på min blogg finns en länk till en sida med massor av gratis väskmönster, bra att titta på då man improviserar för att se olika lösningar, eller följa ett mönster. Lycka till och vad spännande att få se din.

  4. Annette! What a treat to see you've visited my blog, become a follower, and left me a lovely comment- my longest one ever I believe :) I'm thrilled to follow you back- from what I see here you have a fabulously fun life and beautiful work and family to share! Have a super weekend!!

  5. Annette,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so happy that those tutorials were helpful for you and that you enjoy quilting so much. :) And I see that you also love Japanese fabric goodness, so we must be kindred spirits. I am so happy to have found your blog too! I look forward to visiting more!

    Thank you again,


  6. So good to read about do have an interesting background. As Jennie pointed out you do seem to have a very fun life.


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