Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just an idea about a new quilt in my head...

Playing with fabric on a design wall... It is fun. A friend is getting married... I was thinking light and flowers for the theme. Maybe trims between the squares. Then I thought "There is a man living in that house too...". Maybe it needs a bit of plaids and stripes. Or paisley or more geometric patterns...

And when I found this wonderful collection from Tilda...

...and mixed it up with some ginghams and stripes, I think I just found what I am looking for. Classy, fresh, crisp, girly romantic, manly, old fashioned and modern all at once.

I am thinking big 10 inch squares and backing it with a nice pic-nic style gingham, preferably in beige or brown. Any suggestions on where to find that backing fabric...???

Just brainstorming with myself (and you guys...). I am sure this quilt will change appearance a hundred times before I actually buy any new fabric...



  1. wow, that friend is really lucky! It looks lovely Annette, I love that 'oops, there is a man living too'. Haha, you are right :-) we must not forget the men.
    Love, Maaike

  2. Oh, you've hit a perfect balance! I will be happy to keep my eyes open for beige or brown gingham if you'd like :)

  3. oj, va fint! super combos alltihop ser toppen ut. Jag är inte mycket hjälp dock....

  4. Härliga tyger och färger! :) Blir så inspirerad varje gång jag tittar in här.

  5. Looks like a great mix of fabrics! I'd love such a design wall... maybe one day we'll have a big house with a wall all to myself! Have fun sewing!

  6. Så vackert!! och Emmys quilt är också så himla fint.

  7. Hello Annette
    Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring and i love popping in to read your posts. May i ask how you get your photos on your banner because it looks amazing. Have a lovely day x

  8. Dear Mummy Spud
    Not sure how to get in touch with you as your blog is not public... I hope you will pop in to read this.

    I found a program on my Apple computer called Pages and I made my banner there. Exported to iPhotos and edited my picture there. It is a bit of hooky pooky but it works. I am a graphic designer so any layout program is kinda easy to figure out for me.

    Thanks for digging my banner and thank you for popping in. Hope to hear more from you in the future and good luck on your crochet venture. Wish I could visit your place one day.

  9. Aw thank you for your reply Annette, i have had to temporarily make it private as i tried to mess with the Html and then i didnt have the time to fix it so its looking rather strange at the moment.
    I found a program online called photo flexer and i can do a collage on there so i will have a little play around with it and see if i can mingle my photos together.
    I must say i loooove your fabrics, i aim to move on to fabrics and sewing soon so i will look forward to sharing this with you and other amazing people in blog land.
    Sarah x

  10. Vad härligt att plocka och testa och leka med tygerna sådär! :-)

  11. que telas mas bonitas!! quedará maravilla tu colcha, como todos tus trabajos
    un abrazo

  12. Oh, I like the new fabric! Especially the blue and green floral print!

  13. Beautiful fabrics! The stripes and checks offset the pretty fabrics perfectly to make it suitable for men too, especially if backed as you suggest.
    Will be a lovely gift!
    Gill x


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