Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boat quilt - VOILA!

Here it is, The Boat Quilt. A custom order from a friend back home in Sweden. Directions said "Blue and white but not with boat motifs".

At first I made big 10 inch squares like in my Wedding Quilt, but with the traditional patterns and only blue, white and a sprinkle of red it didn't feel right. So I cut up the 10 inch squares to 5 inch squares instead. And I choose to put the squares in a diagonal pattern. To make it more quiet. I also added a border all around the small squares to frame it.

The binding is a stand out stripy one. I decided to quilt in horizontal lines all through the patchwork and then frame quilt it all around in the border. I am very pleased with it.

I used an fusible batting from Hobbs, low loft cotton/poly blend. Using a low loft batting like this makes the quilt really soft and cuddly.

The good thing with a fusible batting is that it is very easy to sandwich your quilt and you don't need to glue spray. You just put your layers together, iron on top and - VOILA, ready to go. But... if you don't quilt your quilt right there and then the glue will let go and your quilt sandwich will start to fall apart... I used safety pins as well just to make sure the sandwich stayed together.

I rarely have the chance to quilt for hours on end. With 3 kids, part time job and a big house to care for I kind of steal my moments for my hobby. It is 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Maybe an hour in the evening, if I am not to exhausted... And there is actually another down side with the fusible batting. It is very crinkly when you take it out of the packaging and if you choose to iron it you have to do that with a piece of fabric on top to avoid your iron to get messed up with the glue... I am not sure if I will use this type of batting again if I'm gonna be really honest...

Here are the facts all lined up:

- The quilt measures 66 x 50 inches (170 x 130 cm).

- I used 13 different fabrics; 1/4 yards x 12 different fabrics for the squares, 3 yards for the backing, 1 yard for the border, 1/4 yard for the binding. Roughly. I do have some left overs I have to admit.

- I bought my fabric from, and a couple of the fabrics are markets finds.

And the label. Here you can find my tutorial on how I make these labels.

I am very happy with this quilt. It makes me wanna go sailing in an instant. Wrap myself up in this quilt on a cliff somewhere in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm.  I really hope Cathrine is going to be happy for this quilt.



  1. It is really beautiful I like the diagonal lines created by the placement of your squares.

  2. Så fantastiskt fin! Vilket jobb!
    Jag gillar verkligen de små ettiketterna du sätter på. Personligt och supersött! :-)

  3. Its such a lovely quilt, the blue & white is wonderful, i bet the owner will be over the moon :D, i know i would be.
    Karen xx

  4. Fantastiskt fint lapptäcke, du har verkligen känsla för mönster och färger. Och dina fina lappar som gör täckena så personliga och fina.
    Jag blev så avundsjuk på ditt inlägg om eran trädgård och skörd, så skulle jag också vilja ha, men har inte rätta intresset, jordgubbar har vi i alla fall och jag försöker handla ekologiskt när jag kan.
    Ha det bra!

  5. Amazing. Your quilt is so perfectly regular. I really like the colors.

  6. This is so pretty and so Swedish looking. Love the diagaonals!

  7. It's gorgeous!! You really captured a nautical theme without using the obvious symbols. It will be perfect on the new owner's boat!

  8. Oh yes! The blue and white is fantastic! And I agree the 5 inch squares were the perfect choice. This is quite lovely, and just it time for fall!

    I have never heard of fusible batting. Glad to learn something new.

    Your work is very pretty!

  9. Your quilt turned out just beautiful, colors, quilting, everything! I'm going to have to try the frame quilting in a border soon, it looks good. I am quilting a table runner with fusible bamboo batting right now. Still not sure if I like it. The directions say to iron your quilt sandwich, as the heat makes it stick. So far I have to repeat the ironing part (!) to keep it together. We will see. Take care! Lynne

  10. I don't like blue. Or anything navy related. Or the blue & white color combo.

    But this quilt?

    OH MY LORD IT'S AMAZING!!! :D Really really gorgeous - the person who gets this quilt gifted is a lucky one! :)

  11. It's very beautiful. I so love these type of simple squares quilts. You really get to enjoy the fabrics. Sometimes you see a quilt with so much detail that it kind of hurts the eyes.

  12. Oh wow Annette, this quilt is amazing! I love the colors and the style, just perfect!

    And the little baby girl blanket looks very promising too...

    Love, Maaike

  13. Det här är nog det vackraste du har gjort. Stark och givmild ár du som ger bort den. det skulle inte jag klara av. Jag hade hállit hárt i den!!


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