Sunday, November 27, 2011

1st of advent in the house

I brought down the Christmas boxes yesterday. Today is the day to start the decorating for this big holiday we call Christmas. I love this part. The build up. Adding something new every other day to my home to make it warm, welcome, nice and cuddly.

So I started out this morning by making Christmas porridge. It is literally a round rice slowly boiled in milk mixed with water, add a pinch of salt and a cinnamon stick, a sting of vanilla - VOILA! Creamy Christmas porridge coming up. Very Swedish indeed. I love sprinkling sugar and cinnamon on top and I always have this mixture handy in a cute little jug. Yum. My favorite and my best!

♥ Christmas porridge ♥
250 ml round rice
800 ml whole milk
500 ml water
Pinch of salt
1 cinnamon stick
Sting of vanilla extract
Boil and stir regularly on low heat for about 30-40 minutes.

I couple of years ago when I was new to crochet I spotted the cutest little crochet mushroom over at IA Nyckelpiga and I made some for my advents candle holder (although hers are much more adorable than mine...). They now come out every year and make me smile from ear to ear every time. So darn cute they are. Her pattern is in Swedish but I am sure I can get her to make a translation if need be, she is a good blog friend of mine. Or I might even get the blessing to do it if you would like. Let me know and I'll talk to her.

So happy advent to you all. I am going to take the kids on a moss hunt in the woods as I have run out of moss for my hyacinths... Have a lovely Sunday. Christmas is coming to town!



  1. Beautfil pictures and lovely mushrooms. They seem so tiny :), but very pretty. I might crochet some, too.
    Have a great 1st advent.

  2. Happy advent to you and your family, too! Your mushrooms are really cute -and the idea to ask for the English translation is great! I would like to give it a try and add them to my Christmas decoration. Have a nice sunday!

  3. How amazing that so far apart, people love the same dishes! What you call Christmas pudding, we know as rice pudding. We also make a variationa called 'melkkos' (milk food', based on milk thickened with flour, or little strips of dough, or pasta ribbons of you're lazy :-) Same basic recipe. And we always have cinnamon sugar on hand. Pancakes (=crepes)with cinnamon sugar is a staple dish in SA.

  4. Hi Annette! Your table looks lovely and the porridge looks delicious. I love the red, white and blue! Let the Christmas season start YAY!!!!

  5. How wonderful you decorate your home, it's a pleasure to look at the pictures. Have a wonderful time!

  6. Japp, idag har det julfixats lite. Och givetvis fár du översätta mönstret till svamparna, till resten med om du vill. Goda blogg-vänner emellan. Jag ligger ju dessutom i tacksamhetsskuld till dej för min fina header.
    Jag láter dej ta hand om översättningen, du fixar engelskan bättre än jag.
    Njut av 1º advent, själv ska jag joba i natt.

  7. Hi Annette, I love those cute mushrooms ...the pattern would be great :0)
    Jacquie x

  8. Wow, that's amazing... I never thought one of our traditional sweets / deserts (all year long but especially at Christmas too) would be traditional in Switzerland too!
    If you google Arroz Doce you will find it--we usualy sprinkle the cinnamon on top and make designs as these:
    (This recipe calls for some fat but the traditional recipe is just like yours with a lemon peel instead of or besides the cinnamon stick.)
    It's always fun to discover the similarities with other countries we thought so different! :)
    Have a wonderful week :)

  9. Vilka mysiga bilder.
    Nu blev jag jättesugen på risgrynsgröt.
    Svamparna är så söta, ska kolla om jag hittar mönstret hos IA.

  10. I love all the red and white colors and your blue dishes. Everything is so pretty! Your advent candles reminded me that I have to get my advent wreath and candles out! That porridge looks delicious!

  11. What a lovely post; brings such a cozy feeling. Your delicious porridge reminds me of the rice cream we had each year at my mother's home. In Norway the person who finds an almond in their pudding gets a marsipan pig. Is there a similar traditon in Sweden?

  12. Hi,my name is monica and i am italian; first of all sorry for my bad english;-) i read and love your blog! and i think i had to try your christmas porridge:-)thnaks for the recipe!
    Happy advent to you and your family:-)

  13. Your home looks so warm and welcoming. :o) What delicious porridge and your little mushrooms are as dear as can be! :o)

  14. This is about the rice porridge - I always boil the rice in a little water first, until it evaporates and add the hot milk after that. Then let the whole thing cook. ... This way the rice won't be 'hard'in the end.
    The water should just cover the rice.

  15. Hi Annette!! Your decorations look amazing. Nice season of the year. It`d be great the English version of that cute mushrooms. Thanks for sharing with us! Love Peace and Crochet Gabriela


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