Saturday, November 5, 2011

The last of the last...

First of all - thank you so much everyone for your encouraging words about my Gypsy Blanket. I need a bit of a push to finish that project I have to admit, and reading all your comments makes me so motivated to continue. Thank you. I heart you all!♥♥♥

Today was a beautiful day. The autumn sun made things look magic and couldn't help but wanting to catch this moment in pictures to share. It feels like it is a bit of "the last of the last" hanging in the air... Before snow comes and the landscape will turn all white.

The last of the last flowers in my garden are in bloom. Making me go AAAHHH just looking at them.

The last of the last few days to be able to dry my laundry outside. How I love watching laundry on a clothes line... Have I mentioned that before? Oooh. Actually Laundry has its own label on my blog now. That is how magic I think this is.

The garden is almost all cleared, the last of the last veggies like chard and some Italian black cabbage is the only greens left...

And my geraniums is showing their last flower buds and flowers before they will be taken inside for a quiet and dark winter rest in the attic.

And even though it is the last of the last of autumn days it is the start of a new season - winter - and what can be better than to start on a warm winter blanket?

This is a ripple in Christmas colors. And it is making me go OOOOHHHH.  I am following Lucy's pattern over at Attic24. And the fabric you might spot behind will become matching pillows if things go as planned. I love doing the ripple. A bit of a struggle in the beginning but now I am on a roll. It is growing very quick compared to my Gypsy Blanket which is a nice feeling. I really hope it will be finished in time.

I am so looking forward to winter and snow. And Christmas. I have already started on some Christmassy crafts. More about that another time. Now it is time for some X Factor USA and adding a few more rows to this cozy blanket. Happy Saturday evening. See you next time.


Annette ♥♥♥


  1. The blanket is looking wonderful, love the color combination.

  2. Your blanket has perfect colors!!! Really stunning and perfect for Autumn/Winter :)
    ps I am NOT as organized as you think I am ;) Still eclectic and bohemian, I *just* purchased the tray to keep my stuff on - if I would have shown the windowsill last week, it would have shown stacks of yarn *everywhere* ;)

  3. Awesome work !!!!Nice combination !!

  4. I love the colours - it will be great for christmas.

  5. I love your christmas colours in your blanket, perfect :) x x x x x x

  6. Skulle du salja en sadan har om du fick en bestallning? :) ALSKAR den, och jag kan sjalv inte sticka.. jo, jag har forsokt!! ;)


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