Sunday, January 8, 2012

Square Off!

Like I said before, thank you for all your great comments on my Pam Kitty Morning project. I truly had set my mind on a stripy quilt but... Something, just something held me back. So I took out my quilting books (my collection isn't big but I have a few...) and started to search for inspiration.

I found this block. It is called Square Off. As I really wanted to mix up this fabric line with some plain whites to make the beautiful florals jump out more I thought this would be an excellent choice. So I got to it.

Made a few blocks to try it out and although I need to do more cutting than I am used to and piece more than just squares together they come together really quick and nice. Every block is made from one big square and four small ones that are sewn on to the corners and then you cut off the corner left over, fold out and press the white triangle in place and VOILA - you have a hexagon! Big hexagon. The pattern was found in Easy Quilt Projects from Better Homes and Gardens.

As you cut off the corners you end up with lots of scraps but I decided to piece them together as I go to small squares and maybe they will end up becoming a matching pillow or something. :D And the best of all. After that I am left with NO scraps at all. Ain't that just amazing?

I love working on this project. I am not sure how big I will make this quilt though. We'll see how far my bundle of PKM fabric will get me.

I need to buy some backing fabric as well. Maybe floral on white background. Or plaid... And I would love to get a ticking stripe to bind it with. Or dots. But more urgent than anything else I need time...



  1. Vilka vackra tyger du har. Den kvilten kommer att bli jättefin.
    Jag har massor av avklippta hörn men har inte sytt ihop dem. Sparar dem till en gammalt påbörjat projekt.

  2. Det ser helt fantastiskt fint och roligt ut! Åh vilken känsla av vår och sommar man får när man tittar på dina fina tyger! Dina projekt kommer bli kanonfina! Spännande att se resultaten!

    Vi bara älskar din nåldyna... har du gjort den själv? Finns "receptet" på den någonstans?

    Ha en toppenfin och kreativ dag!

    Kram Emelie och Elin

  3. Your blocks are darling! Love how there will be no waste, as you are sewing your corners together. :o) What a cute little something they will become as well.
    Have a wonderful week! :o)

  4. Its gonna be so beautiful Annette, can't wait to see the finished quilt
    Lol Karen xx

  5. Det ser ju jättsnyggt ut! Och att sen även använda det som blir över är ju perfekt! Såg nyss en bloggare som gjort ett lapptäcke som såg ut som en uggla av alla lapparna, grymt imponerande. HenniHenni tror jag bloggen hette.


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