Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blue Squares to Belgium

These blue and white 5 inch squares from My Etsy Shop are on their way to a girl in Belgium today.  I wonder what she will make???

Something similar to my Boat Quilt that I made last year maybe...

So when I sell something I add something new to My Etsy Shop. Like this classy FQ bundle of 7 different Scandinavian/Dutch style fabric in blues, reds and whites. Comes with 2 1/2 yard pretty ribbon as shown below. :D

Another listing is this cute Folklore trim available to purchase separately in yards/meters.

And while on this Scandinavian and Folklore trend I have also added a listing with these cute candle holders. In this part of the world people collect them. I think they are just the cutest to decorate any bookshelf or window sill. All to be found in My Etsy Shop. :D


  1. a lot of creative people in Belgium, love your blog ;-)))

  2. How exciting, I wonder if you will find out?
    Loving the Scandinavian vibe.

  3. hello from belgium, i love internet.... !!!
    i'm waiting for your fabric and i am very curious
    i will make a quilt for my grandchildren's room.
    this will be my first quilt
    i m more knitting and crochet, but sewing clothes is also a hobby
    so this will be very exiting.
    leave you a picture when finished
    xx rakkie

  4. Hi Annette, how are things for you?! Looking really great on the Rose Valley!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful, lovely, healthy and creative 2012 with a succesfull Etsy shop!

    I will talk to my husband, see if the Swedish-Dutch bundle can be my birthdaygift...;). Ever since we moved I am craving for patterns and ribbons like these! Lovely selection.


  5. I must go and have a look at your shop, I've been wanting to start a little quilting project for myself! ;)

  6. Hej Annette
    En sådan jättefin sida du har! Har tittat nu ett tag och jag formligen förlorar mig i färger och mönster, jätteroligt!
    Jag har fem barn, är hemmamamma, syr och bakar en hel del.
    Här kommer jag att titta in lite då och då, det gav mig massvis med energi!

  7. I just love looking at all your fabric and trim. Makes me want to start a quilt in those colors!!

  8. hello,
    the squares are arrived at home!!
    beautiful colors and prints
    like it
    rakkie fom belgium


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