Thursday, January 12, 2012


If I was to re-live my 20's I would just HAVE TO go to Tomorrowland. Fasten your seat belts. When you click the button you will go on a 13 minute hell of club dancing ride. This place looks like Alice in Wonderland with bright colored mushrooms and plants, weird characters and all these happy people screaming, laughing, dancing, crying...

How I wish this existed in the 90's... It is just beautiful! This is Annette getting goose bumps, adrenaline highs, being in her happy place and never ever wanting to be a day older than 24 in her soul. I would just LOOOVE to be there jumping up and down and screaming in delight with everybody else. Am I insane for feeling that way?

And btw Happy weekend. We are off skiing.


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  1. Du är för skojig! Mitt bland lapptäckena och garnerna finns en house-brud! Jag önskar också att detta fanns när man var yngre, jag älskar att dansa och house är ju fantastiskt. Man får väl åka på nåt sånt när 40-års krisen slår till eller nåt...
    Ha en trevlig helg!


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