Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dreamer or doer?

I dream of living more true to nature.
I dream of having chickens, a pig and a goat.
I dream of learning more about growing vegetables.
I dream of becoming more self-sufficient. That would be fantastic!
I dream of baking and cooking more.

I dream of creating every day without limitations.
I dream of enjoying every day chores instead of dragging it.
I dream of decluttering and organizing the house.
I dream of having more blue china...

I dream of learning to play the guitar and sing by an open fire.
I dream of paddling a canoe in shimmering glimmering water.
I dream of getting into a routine of doing yoga every day.
I dream of being healthy and fit for a long long time.
I dream of being more present in life.

I dream of a garden full of beautiful flowers. Preferably wild and naturally planted.
I dream of a Swedish veranda where I can start and finish my days quietly.
I dream of playing cards and have everyone involved and loving it, even when they loose.
I dream of having friends popping in and out of our house like it was their own.
I dream of connecting more with my loved ones.
I dream of being together - for real.
I dream of having my family come to visit more often.

I dream of finishing my WiPs.

I dream of starting new ones.
I dream of colors.
I dream of laughter.
Of blue skies.
Green grass.
Rain on a warm summer day.

The smell of flowers.
I dream of balance.
Of being true to myself.
I dream of conquering the French language.
I dream of trips alone with my man.
I dream of caravan trips with the whole family.
I dream of so many things...
I dream of making all my dreams come true, but It is going very slow...
I dream of being a doer instead of a dreamer...
Are you a dreamer? Or a doer?



  1. Our recent life experience has caused us to take hold of our dreams and work toward making them happen so much sooner than we had planned. Life can be so finicky we just dont know what the next day will bring. However my dream list is pretty long and really want those little things to come to pass too. :0)

  2. Dear Annette,
    I'm a doer - but of course I dream a lot...and lots of things never come true, but when I want something, I'm sometimes surprised of how determined I can get :)
    I wonder often what makes us do things and why some of our dreams never make it into reality. Is it that we think, we've got all the time of the world and forget that we are limited? Are we afraid of failing and being disappointed? I don't know, why I hesitate with some of my dreams...
    I always wanted to live abroad for a while but never did...lots of the things you dream about are great!
    Hope some of them become true!
    Have a dreamy evening and a wonderful week!

  3. you've put into words how i beautifully..there is so much more i want of myself too but what i've noticed is that as soon as i feel like i've achieved something another aspiration takes it's place so i know i'll never get to end of that bottomless list..

  4. That's beautiful! Your encourage me to put my dreams in writing as well. then maybe I will do what it takes to make them happen. :-)

  5. How lovely. You have touched my soul. I am a dreamer who dreams of being more of a doer.

  6. lovely post, must admit I am a dreamer more than a doer but I am working in it! Please tell me what is a Swedish verandah? Or what makes a Verandah Swedish? Thanks, Jodie

  7. What a wonderful post.

    Still a great dreamer myself but as I get older, more of a doer as I realise just how precious life and time and love are.

    Have a great week Annette.

    Gill xx

  8. Hi Annette, i just discovered your blog while looking for some granny patterns. I like the pictures, and the ideas are great/creative!

  9. Love your dream list. All very attainable in time. I say never stop dreaming.

  10. hello Annette,
    this is the first time of my life that I post a comment. my name is Anne, I'm french I have 3 children too and one of my dreams is conquering the english language...maybe we can help each other with "letters-writting"...yes I am a Dreamer...thank you for your blog.

  11. Definitely a dreamer! I love your pretty pictures!

  12. What a great post! I think dreams are what keep us "doing". Finally caught up with all your posts. Love your green patchwork. Hope you had fun skiing!

  13. Lovely words and post ,your dreams are lovely and so true to life xxx

  14. I am a dreamer, some of our dreams are the same ❤️ I to am a list maker. I hope your dreams come true!


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