Thursday, February 23, 2012

He is...

He is seven and on his way up the hill...

He is almost there...

He is getting ready...

He is taking off...

He is going down hill... in the mud...

He doesn't care that there is no snow.

For  a long long time (years...) he's been wanting to do this.
And today he wouldn't take no for an answer anymore.
The conditions didn't matter anymore.
He was determined to do it.
To fulfill a dream.
To go snowboarding.
And he did. ♥♥♥
And watching him doing this makes me realize that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it.
Kids are a fantastic source of inspiration, enlightment and fun discoveries.
I love you Luca Bo. ♥♥♥


PS. If I won't have time to post again soon I wish you all a fantastic upcoming week. Me? Well, we are going on ski vacation for  a week in Gstaad. And Luca Bo can practise his snowboarding skills for real. In the snow. :D ♥♥♥


  1. Isn't this great. I know such actions from one of my daughters who is a passionate horse rider. I could tell stories today that you would certainly laugh about, but when she was a kid I had my shock experiences. Enjoy your time in Gstaad.

  2. He is adorable. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. This is great. Children are so wonderful. If you believe in it, you can do it!

  4. Good for him!!!!! He must have felt so good! And you so proud.
    I hope you all have a wonderful time on holiday, and that Luca has as much snow boarding as he can take!

    Gill xx

  5. Wonderful reminder of the fact that we can do so much more than we think, and lovely pics of your boy! Hope you'll have a great week in Gstaad.

  6. I was just thinking the other day about how much I learned while teaching kids. I made a list and posted it to remind me.

    The last one is "Refuse to believe limitations."


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