Monday, April 30, 2012

About a little girl...

Cheeky Emmy Bo climbing the apple tree. April 2012.
She is 4, turns 5 in only two weeks. Little Emmy Bo. A little person. Full of curiosity and adventure. I need to hug her more. Look at her more. Listen to her stories and funny questions... I look at her and I wish I had more of that naivety and natural capacity of living here and now. Catching the moment. Things seem so uncomplicated for little Emmy Bo.

Flowers from dear Emmy Bo. With too short stems for a real vase. :D ♥♥♥ April 2012.
I saw her from my kitchen window, come running from a friends home next door. She came to a sudden stop by our gate in the backyard. She kneeled down in the wet grass and picked something up,  something hidden in the corner by our raspberry bush. She walked through the gate and stopped and looked up in the sky with a frown on her face as mini rain drops probably made her wet. That scrunched up little nose. So cute... I wonder what was running through her mind right then and there?

A second later she set off in to me in the kitchen and even before opening the door I could hear her calling loudly:
- Mama!!!
She handed me two cute flowers with too short stems to be put in a vase while catching her breath.
- For you Mama! I found them by our... eeehhh "hallon" bush! (Swedish for raspberry as my kids tend to mix their language a lot being multi lingual...). Oh, how my heart was ready to burst of love.

I lifted her up to hug this little person that I once carried in my womb. And she clung on to me with her legs wrapped around my waist and I thought: "This is happiness! This is what living is all about.".

"Mama! Look! I took a picture of the moon!" Do you see the moon? Photo: Emmy Ciccarelli 28th of April 2012
Time passes so fast. Soon I won't be able to lift her up like that anymore. It makes me a bit sad as she is the little one in the family. Soon these "small people" days are over. And things will change. I have to be more aware and present before all this just passes me by without even being noticed...

Carpe diem.

Maybe it is time to really start practicing that expression for real. I find it so hard... I get so easily distracted by House Work, To Do lists and all these Have To's... But honestly, when stopping for just a moment and taking it all in all those chores suddenly gets easier to handle.

Blog tips:  Kate over at Foxs Lane's is a woman of three girls and married to her farmer boy. She reflects about life on her organic farm, shares her crafts and I have been following her incredible 6 month caravan journey she just came home from. I found her blog very inspiring. Her photos are fantastic. She is very good at living in the moment in my opinion and her posts all reflects the small pleasures, and struggles, in life. Well worth a visit if you are looking for a blog with great reading material and real life stories. She inspires me to catch the moment.



  1. Your little one is a cutie! I miss those moments when my kids were little. It's good to hold onto those memories because they grow up so fast! Check out my "little" girl on my latest post. It seems like just a short while ago she was no bigger than Emily! Take care

  2. Enjoy every second with your little ones!!! It goes soooooo fast! But, I have to add, it is wonderful when they are grown and become your friend :) xoxo Debbie

  3. Such a lovely post! I had the same feelings while my youngest was growing, the need to grab and hold her knowing that she would grown and things would change. But when they are adults, there are other things, like the pride of knowing that I have done a good job and their tenderness and protection towards me. There is a time for everything, and the memory of past cuddles is never lost.

  4. What a beautiful post Annette - it bought tears to my eyes.
    Made m think of the first five years of my daughter's life when I was busy being a new mother, being a wife, working a career job as an accountant, and on my days off trying to live in the moment and keep things simple and slow to enjoy the pleasures of life with my little girl.
    My little girl is now a grown up young lady of 17 and I still treasure the everyday times we have together, but they are fewer now as she is busy, time goes so so fast - treasure every minute Annette.


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