Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can you do a Cross Training Walk?...

The answer is: YES! I've been doing a different walk lately. This 30 minutes path is lined up with 10 different work out stations along the road. It is a Cross Training Walk path.

I sometimes even jog instead of walk as it is just about 1-2 minutes of jogging in between work out stations.

I jump over tree trunks, run around trees, do knee bends, jumping jacks, the plank, step up on stumps, push ups.

The day after my first round I was incredibly sore. I guess I over did it a bit, thinking 10 reps was easy peasy and showing off by adding another 10 reps to it... The soreness just shows what bad shape I am in. I might be good at walking nowadays but my muscles still needs a bit of a tune up. Especially my bum... Anyone feel the same? :) So I decided to collect some great simple exercises, easy to squeeze in a few times a week in the morning or the evening.

My favorite bum exercises are these:
1. Hip Lift
2. Lunges
3. Squats

And I try to combine these exercises with these abs exercises:
1. Plank
2. Bicycle exercise

I am curious to try something like this too, for variation:
1. Pass the block
2. Balancing act

I've done this beautiful Cross Training Walk twice now and am actually looking forward to the next one. Because I am choosing to jog in between sometimes, it feels like I am releasing more endorphins, which is a great energy boost!

My new Come Walk With Me challenge is to do this Cross Training Walk twice a week.

I have heard from some of you that you are doing great with your walking missions. I am so happy to hear that. :D Keep it up girls!

Today is yet another beautiful day. I walked uphill to the tunes of  Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink's fabulous version of cool Moulin Rouge. It was great. :D

Now I am off to some fabric cutting and maybe some play with yarn. I am not sure which one to choose. Something crafty will come up soon. Until then take care, pick wild flowers, hook a granny and take a walk. :D



  1. like your final advices!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. Cool song! Makes you want to train. I must just try and do these exercises of you in our park...
    And lovely wool. I'm awaiting a pack of Stylecraft all the way from Ireland can't wait :-0

  3. Dear Annette,
    I like that walk -I don't think we have something similar here...
    Just wanted to let you know, that I did a Post about "Come walk with me"...with a link to your site! Have a nice evening! Simone


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